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Making Music on Your Android Tablet/Smartphone Device Studio - A Musician's Guide

Updated on June 19, 2013
Music for Android
Music for Android | Source

Music Technology

It's no secret that most musicians would choose Apple over Android any day of the week - Apple's equipment has always been much more efficient for making music and has developed a good reputation for just that. Apple's iPad tablet device, with the right music software installed, seems to do the job flawlessly as does the Apple Mac Pro, etc. Apple have catered for the serious musician ever since they began back in 1976 and the iPad has proven to be a valuable device in this area for many modern musicians.

Unfortunately for musicians who cannot afford an Apple iPad and those who have resisted going to Apple for compatibility reasons, Android (ie Google) are the newer rivals on the tablet and smartphone scene and so there has never really been an alternative to the iPad until recently. Even more unfortunately, Android is mainly an operating system (OS) which caters for tablet and smartphone devices and whilst some devices are of high specifications, attempting to develop decent music studio software on the Android platform has often proven to be problematic.

However, as times goes on and the Android platform continues to develop, music software for Android tablets and smartphones is starting to become increasingly more efficient, as is the hardware, and there are now more and more music studio apps popping up on Google Play/Android Market.


Soundbits Pocket-Band

Soundbits Pocket-Band has, so far, proven to be one of the highest rated music creation apps on the Android market. However, Pocketband does require internet access to work. The app is available in a 'lite' version and there is also a paid 'pro' version.

Pocketband lets you create high quality music tracks by sequencing loops, drums and synth, etc, lets you apply effects and also allows you to publish and collaborate with other Pocketband musicians as part of the community. Pocketband is probably the best music creation app on Android for performance.

Groove Mixer

Groove Mixer is another similar Android app which is labelled as a beat maker, although some other sounds are also included. Groove Mixer is described as a pocket drum machine for creating and mixing beats on your Android device.


Music Riff Studio

Music Riff Studio is a music composition utility for Android devices. Music Riff Studio features drum machine, step sequencer, loop editor, wavetable synthesizer, guitar distortion, string mute distortion, bass, drums and more.

Four Tracks

Four Tracks, as it's name suggests, is simply a 4-track recording utility which can be used to record and mix up to four audio tracks. Mixes can then be exported to another file format. Four Tracks also offer a 'lite' version and a 'pro' version.


Caustic 2

Caustic 2 is probably the most advanced music creation utility available on Android market and it requires a high specification device. The app is inspired by rack-mount synthesizors/sampler rigs and everything is real-time and optimized for mobile devices.

Caustic 2 features:

* Virtual analog subtractive synthesizer
* PCM synthesizer
* BassLine synthesizer (303-like synth)
* Sampling drum machine
* Effects rack supporting 2 effects per machine. (8 effect types)
* Mixer desk with global Delay/Reverb
* Song sequencer

Easyband Studio

Easyband studio is an auto-accompaniment Android app for musicians. Creating musical backing using Easyband is as simple as dragging and dropping chords into the timeline and setting the tempo/BPM. Additionally, a variety of different instruments and riffs can be chosen.

Easyband Studio is available in either a free 'lite' version or a paid 'pro' version.

Tune Me

Tune Me is also available in either a 'lite' version of the full paid 'pro' version. Tune Me is an Android app that works as a vocoder. It can autotune your vocals and can even make you sound like T-Pain.

You simply choose the bass note of the key you want your vocal recordings to be auto-tuned to and select whether you want a major or minor key.

Lyric Writer

Lyric Writer is an Android app which allows you store lyrics to your songs on the go. You can choose and edit your lyrics at any time and associate each music file with the appropriate song lyrics.

By Sparkster


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