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Making SEO Work for You

Updated on January 9, 2016
SEO is vital for great search engine optimization.
SEO is vital for great search engine optimization. | Source
Dont overstuff your content with keywords or phrases it takes away from quality content.
Dont overstuff your content with keywords or phrases it takes away from quality content. | Source
After the traffic is directed to your website, blog or article make certain you provide quality content along with great SEO.
After the traffic is directed to your website, blog or article make certain you provide quality content along with great SEO. | Source
SEO is search engine optimization.
SEO is search engine optimization. | Source

SEO is crucial in linking the work with the audience looking for it.

Never ignore the importance of SEO or search engine optimization. A myriad of folks choosing to ignore it writing for the web are disappointed in the lack of dollars achieved from the profession. It gets countless writers the best traffic for a piece of article content, blogs or hubs. It has a very positive impact on the success of any writer. The best traffic is those folks looking for what you offer.

What’s SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of increasing the traffic or visitors to any website, article or blog post using keywords or phrases in search engines. This tool happens to be one of the essential elements to success for increasing writer income. A good handle on the ideas and processes which make it work in a positive manner for a site to achieve success is always a good idea.

Why SEO is needed

SEO is a necessary part of working on the web and directing traffic and has been for years. focused traffic is needed to bring in clients to sell services and products and for passive income. Both are dependent on getting readers matched to the right content. SEO makes this happen.

A responsibility exists to ensure keywords and phrases match the work expectation. Along with the content match the title as well. Never disappoint an audience member. Unfortunately bad news is repeated ten times more often than good. Keep credibility with an audience.

Proven approaches are following techniques which make a search engine find content easier and closely match a reader’s query results in more visits to a piece of written material.

Keyword marketing is big business. Amazon has more than a few items specializing in it. This is one of the better deals.

Domain name and URL

Display the keyword or phrase in the domain name or URL as a way to optimize and make it effective. This is also crawled by search engines. Not only are readers looking, but writers as well. They need some great sources of building links to their material too.

Short URLS are promotional tools seen quite a bit. This means hard work is needed to push everything into one without taking anything away from the work.

Avoid over stuffing

Over stuffing keywords is a no-no. Filling content up to excess with them takes away from quality writing. In fact, the flow and ease of translating thoughts and info to the reader suffers in every instance.

Search engines find the action distasteful. They penalize the works of writers selecting this route. Never take away from forming a good structure and read for articles or posts full of hard work.

SEO matches readers and content together. It works to the advantage of both as a win/win situation. Focused traffic comes from giving the audience what they are seeking with a query. Keeping the readers comes as a result of giving education or purpose to the info found.

The more time a reader spends searching for what they need the less likely they are to pursue it. When this happens dollars are lost. This is where a search engine processing SEO comes in. Get the reader to what they need as quickly as possible.

Match longer tailed keywords with queries for less competition and increased likelihood a writer will have personal work seen. This means more precision with s

Tips and tricks for SEO

There are actually not a lot of tips and tricks for SEO. In fact, some of the worst ones to use are touted as shortcuts or unknown ways to beat the system. These are typically identified as Black Hat and to be avoided at all costs. They are not liked by search engines and in the long run always seem to cost writers an audience instead of gaining one.

Lessen the competition

Select a keyword without much competition. This puts material in the right place with results are displayed. The more rivals seen the less likely an article or blog posts is read. Persons are unable to find it in the results displayed. It comes as literally one among hundreds of thousands for some. It is already difficult to race for a dollar online. Find a way to make it simpler.

One of the best ways to see this happen is with terrific keywords and phrases.

Importance of keywords or phrases

The importance of selecting a great keyword or keyword phrase is to bring targeted traffic to any form of content. The keyword or phrase is used by someone searching for information in a search engine. A person keys it in and the results are links to content or pages around the web.

Those displayed at the top of results coming back get the most clicks. The ones on the first couple of pages as well. Unearthing the easiest and best possible way to get in the mix is the plan. The ultimate goal is the top half of the first page.

Getting Keywords or phrases

A great way to find an excessive amount of keywords or phrases is make a list of those that apply to the niche of the site, blog or content. Do a form of free association. Register anything and everything that comes to mind. This doesn’t mean it will be used, but ideas come from strange places. The future holds a lot of things which are left to be seen it is possible for something totally inconsequential at the time to become of great value in the future.

Phrases linked or related to a specific niche are important in making a list of items to focus on for writing content. Though, remember to choose those with the least amount of competition. The smaller the return results with smaller rivals for the same amount of space. This pushes an article or post up and in front of the reader.

What makes great websites or blogs?

A great website or blog has a combination of content. Article content linked to general issues concerning a lot of people inside of a niche has a lot of competition. Use these but, also include other content possibly not as popular. This attracts a good base or source of new traffic and keep favorite readers coming back again and again.

Using Google Adsense for income purposes is overwhelming for some newbies. Google Adsense for Dummies breaks it down to the basics.

Finding keywords and phrases

The Google Keyword Tool is great for finding what competition exists for the keyword or keyword phrase you have chosen. Writing for the words that have the least amount of competition will assure that you will get the targeted traffic. The Google Keyword Tool is free to use and you don’t have to register or sign up.

A large number of writers enjoy choosing words which personally excite or those holding an immense amount of interest for them. Choosing a word or phrase in this spectrum typically is popular with the local crowd in any niche. Meaning lots of writers also use them and the amount of competing material increases in relation to their appeal. More competition means less customers coming your way.

Content is important

Nothing is more important than quality content for writing material. SEO gets the traffic in front of it, but the words retain them. The quality of what is offered is extremely significant.

Provide useful and relevant material. Never give anything else. This is central to making the final sale and growing personal writing income.

Back links

Back links within written work connected with the search engine optimization content is working in the right direction as well. The importance of back links is never something to ignore and by making certain quality work is linked to other work of the same criteria; it actually kills two birds with one stone. One is using the right SEO and the other giving readers a two for one deal on quality material.

In conclusion

Increased traffic is the perfect type of ending every writer loves to see. A number of different paths make it possible for a writer to get there. One easy way is paying a little more attention to SEO.

Use all or some of these methods for finding the right audience for material published under a personal byline to see more clicks, hits and customers. Search engine optimization makes it work the right way.

Great info pointing a writer in the right direction to see SEO working

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    • seo-tutor profile image

      seo-tutor 6 years ago

      a very gd compact article. All in one. Thanks for it.

    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Don't overstuff is a great tip. It's so easy to add EVERYTHING that you think is relevant when just a few well researched keywords will be much more effective.

    • tamron profile image

      tamron 6 years ago

      Very useful article great for beginner writers and easy to understand! Vote Up