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Making You own Computer

Updated on January 25, 2013

Laptop Vs. Desktop

The real answer is up to the user, what is the user looking for and what are his expectation? For a user who wants a desktop there will be unlimited ways to personalize, upgrade, and modify his desktop computer compared to the laptop user.

It is, however. possible to upgrade and modify a laptop computer too depending on the needs and wants of the users.

Laptop Computers

Laptops are often less expensive than desktops in same speciations but the problem is, due to their size, there are limitations to what can be modified or upgraded and is most cases its only memory ram, hard drive, and battery.

The best part of having a laptop is that there are more ways to personalize it adding some accessories to it and is the best gift that will be more attractive for a person than the regular desktop computer. I have a Macbook Pro 13' laptop and i have done every possible upgrade and customization to it. It has been easier and cheaper than doing the same on any other desktop computer but i have been limited to the amount of memory i can add and the way i can use is limited too (overheats if used as a desktop, have to plug in external hard drive for back ups).

Desktop Computers

Desktop computers may be more expensive than their laptop and netbooks counterparts. That has a reason and a good explanation. There is a whole lot more the user can do with a desktop version than with a laptop model.

Usually in desktops versions the mother board will support faster graphics cards, more than one hard drive tray, and many more modifications and upgrades at the will of the user. My favorite is placing more fans in the desktop computer case because laptops operate at much higher temperatures than do their desktop counterparts.

Active Cooling

Customize it, configure it, upgrade it

This is basically what most people at the average user level will do to improve their computer the way the need it,

1) More Ram: A computer will work better with 2 ram cards of the same amount (2GB ram is 1GB+1GB) if the computer came with two ram slots. This is not the case if the computer will be using 5GB of ram (one 4GB card and one 1GB card) against a 4GB option (2GB+2GB) since the more ram a computer is provided with, the more responsive the computer will be. Warning: Adding more ram to a laptop means more power consumption will be used, add just as you need.

2) Hard drive VS. Solid state drive: having a hard is not a bad option because of the larger storage space, however, having a SSD will boot the computer faster and make programs run at faster speeds, and will write and read at super fast speeds. SSD also have the advantage to operate using less energy thus saving power or battery and also will produce less heat than hard drives. Just one bad thing about SSD is their lower storage capacity limited to a few gigabytes compared to the powerful 1tb and 2tb gard drives capacity.

Cooling system: I will classify the cooling system into 2 categories, the activecooling system is the built in fan or fans that move air in the computer, while the passive cooling system is the outside cooling accessories like cooling pads and cooling fans placed air the computer body. I strongly suggest having the best possible active cooling system in the desktop and the best passive cooling system in the laptop. Keeping you computer cool will not only make the computer more responsive, but will also make the computer last longer.

Passive Cooling


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    • keirnanholland profile image

      pulled name 4 years ago from nowhere

      Anything that is less power means less heat, also moving parts fail more than non-moving parts, example given: hard drives and printers.

    • sharingknowledge profile image

      SHAR NOR 5 years ago from Miami, FL

      Thank you too for the great article. You know, there are things which people consider not to be of use when in real sense they are very useful. Hoping that this Hub helps more out there.

    • jose7polanco profile image

      Jose Misael Polanco 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      This is mostly for people looking to buy the basic laptop or desktop model and then upgrade it to the best of their budget and ability. Which is exactly what i did and it turns out to be more fun and less expensive than having everything preinstalled by the store.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • sharingknowledge profile image

      SHAR NOR 5 years ago from Miami, FL

      Almost a complete tutorial on what a real own computer should be. Many of us especially we who are not so knowledgeable about computers know every less with regard. I could even imagine that the amount of RAM in a computer could make it wow. Thank you for the article.