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How to Make Your Very Own Personal Video News Show with YouTube

Updated on January 14, 2013

Are you bored by those routine morning and evening news shows that bombards you with repetitive news? Think that you don't know enough of what's happening in the world? Now, here's a quick solution or alternative for those useless networks news blahs that's very cool and interesting; unlike those networks, you can choose the news that you want to watch.

The tool that I refer to is YouTube ( videos portal. Most people are already familiar with YouTube videos but most of them do not know how or aware about what you are going to be exposed of.

You might be surprised now to learn that you can find and gather news items from an astonishing number of sources and perspectives from around the world. If you have a DSL line or whichever that are fast, you can load up the news programs that you have accustomed in just less than half an hour!

Most people have their very own special subjects or interest that they follow such as the stock market, commodity trading news, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, latest technology breakthrough and etc. If you do a search in YouTube and you will find literally dozens of such videos available on these subjects. You can just watch about anything on this incredibly diverse video portal.

How To Make Your Own Personal YouTube News

Here's how you can compose your own custom morning or evening news:

  1. Go to Youtube's website and start with its site search box. Just like you search things in google, type in two or three keywords that are related with the topic of your interest. Let's say that you want to know about the fuel price hike. Now type in fuel price hike into the search area and hit the button. You will be presented with a list or related youtube videos. You will find that this playlist comes with a thumbnail photo and synopsis for each of the video.
  2. Pick the one that you want to see and start loading them instantly. The YouTube video program will organize your choices into your very own playlist and have them loaded sequentially.
  3. Note that you are not actually downloading the videos, instead you're simply storing them in your playlist queue on Youtube's server, so the process is very fast.
  4. If you are using a tabbed browser such as Firefox (the most recommended Free browser on the internet) and IE 7 and above, you can have few videos loading at the same time. By right, each video will be competing for time on the server but if you have a fast line such as the DSL connection, this wouldn't be a much to concern about. While the videos are loading, you can take your shower or brew your coffee. By the time you are finished and with a cup of coffee in your hand, the news will be ready for you.

Getting More Interesting with Your Own Youtube News Channel

You might find that the more searches that you do, the more interesting that it becomes. One news will lead to another when your dig them up. You might learn how the world oil market have an impact towards the technology of alternative fuel or car without fuel.

Later, you might see how such technology will affect the global economy directly or indirectly. In within your searches, you might also find some humorous videos uploaded by people to describe about all issues around the world, so that you can have a laugh!

Now before you head off to work, just logon to Youtube and have your evening news show started. Be creative with search and explore new stuffs instead of your routine TV news.


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  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 7 years ago from Malaysia

    Thanks for liking the idea.

  • tomy101 profile image

    Christopher Hyer 7 years ago from Midland, Texas

    Like your Idea, Thank You