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Making Your Website Creative and Personalized: What Does It Involve?

Updated on March 9, 2016

With thousands of new website, which are created on the web on a regular basis, making a website that will stand out in a crowd is almost a «mission impossible». And it is no wonder, because the basic objective of the website is not only to help you establish your online presence or advertise your business, but also to encourage users to visit it over and over again. This means that your site should be unique and personalized to appeal to the prevailing amount of users and to cater to their needs. Let us have a closer look at some recommendations, which will help make your site creative and personalized.

1. Try to Meet the Requirements and Preferences of All Customers

Customers differ and so do their requirements, tastes and personal preferences. Correspondingly, you should try your best effort to meet individual needs of each and every customer. Although, this seems impossible, you can still try to make a website, which will have universal features and will be created with regard to the latest web design tendencies. What you should understand is that one and the same site will hardly appeal to all the customers just because they have their own understanding of how it should look like. Your task is to fill your website with informative and high quality content and to make use of the most popular web design trends. This is the best way to increase your chances for success.

2. Add Content Based on Your Customers’ Interests and Social Referral Locations

Suppose, your website looks trendy and contains informative articles, statistic data and high quality images. But how can you be sure that it will also correspond to the specific needs of a client? The best way to make this point clear is to track the social referral source a user has come to your site from. This info will give you a hint on your further actions. For instance, a person who has reached your website from a Facebook link is more likely to look for short and distinct info as compared to the one, who has come from the more informative source. Awareness of these facts will help you make your website personalized.

3. Provide Users With Unique Web Browsing Experience

Most users, who browse through the web on a daily basis and have already got used to seeing different kinds of websites, can hardly be surprised with another site they come across on the Internet unless it offers them unique experience they have never had before. This also concerns those people, who just start using the web actively and are looking for something extraordinary – something, which will change their perception of the global network. This does not mean that you should create something out-of-a-kind. This just means that you should offer personalized approach to all categories of users.

You can use the IP addresses of those users, who visit your page to find out the locations they come from. This seems not that important at first sight, but if you analyze this info, you will understand that there is a lot you can do to use the data. If you know that your users come from Spain, for instance, you can create a Spanish version of the website to make it more convenient for your users. Likewise, you can display contact info, which will help people get in touch with the local offices instead of looking for those that are located far from their homes. By making your website convenient and user-friendly, like it is shown on many of website examples on, you make it personalized as well.

It goes without saying that creation of personalized websites always takes much time and effort as compared to developing ordinary resources. At the same time, though, it increases your chances to get the most out of your site by meeting individual needs and requirements of your visitors. Good luck!


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