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Making a Website With Wordpress - Blogging Within Everyone's Reach

Updated on December 21, 2010

Making a Website With Wordpress - Is It a Blog or a Website

Before you start making a website with Wordpress, you might want to know the difference between a blog and a website. It's a question that has lingered ever since web logs or blogs were first invented and used on the Internet. It is pertinent because people are asking the same question up to this day. makes it possible for you to create blogs that are rich in content and focused with user interactivity in mind.

Technical Issues When Making a Website With Wordpress

If a blog has a php script in it, is it still a blog or a website? If a blog was made that only features embedded flash games, is it still a blog, or is it now a game website?

Technically speaking, they are no longer blogs. Being able to include php scripting is a function that is most associated with dynamic websites with changing contents.

A blog as a web log, is supposed to be a venue for communication that is expressed in words.
With Wordpress, you are then given the opportunity to radically transform your blog into a fully featured website. You can do this, through plug-ins.

What Are Wordpress Plug-ins

If Wordpress is a hamburger, and the patty is the content, plug-ins are the tomatoes, lettuce, catsup, mayonnaise and onions. They enrich the normal experience of blog reading by expanding the capabilities of your blog through several programs.

This can make the experience more dynamic. The limitations to the functionalities on what your blog can do are then multiplied many times over and unlimited.

One such functionality is embedding not only a YouTube video, but a random YouTube video, so that your blog features different videos every time the user or the reader logs into it.


Making a Membership Website With Wordpress

Another advantage that has over its competitors is the high degree of customization that it gives both the owner and the user. One of these is membership, with a blog, you could give your readers the option to join in your network via the Wordpress platform. Through it, you will be able to build a community of readers who will interact with your website even beyond your website.

More Benefits of Building a Website With Wordpress

When making a website with Wordpress, the thousands of templates enable you to create a blog that looks more like a magazine than a blog. This is important so that you’ll distinguish yourself from the many, many blogs that are being put up on a daily basis. In a day and age where there are literally billions of blogs, having a blog that looks like everybody else’s is something that you might not want to do. After all, what is the purpose of writing, except to be read and to be thought of.

The expansiveness of the options given making a website with Wordpress, give you the ability to create an experience that is beyond reading. It provides a venue for interaction that gives a fuller experience than something that is just a blog. It is through these functionalities that you distinguish your space and elicit that interest that is very much needed online today in order to flourish and survive.


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