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How to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts on Mobile Phone?

Updated on October 5, 2011

Twitter and Mobile Phone

I have several Twitter accounts. Three independent Twitter accounts of my three blogs. One private Twitter account and remaining is open for everyone in the world. Twitter is a service that is actually more useful with mobile phone. We always carry mobile phone with us. So, we can give updates of our life on the go to our friends, family and followers. Twitter is a very simple site. It's all features easily get fit into small screen of mobile phone. If you have more than one twitter account, it may be difficult to manage those accounts using a mobile phone web browser. As you have to log out of one Twitter account to login into other Twitter account. You are using Opera Mini, UC Web or inbuilt web browser of mobile, you can't stay logged in into multiple Twitter accounts at the same time. Then how to manage multiple Twitter accounts? There is one best mobile phone application that is useful for managing multiple Twitter accounts at the same time. You should use this application on your mobile phone, if you have multiple Twitter accounts.

Twitter and Snaptu

Snaptu is the name of application that will help you to manage multiple Twitter accounts on your mobile phone. This is one free application and compatible with large range of mobile phones. You just need to be Internet data plan activated your mobile phone.

  • Download Snaptu application for your mobile phone.
  • Enter into Snaptu application. There is the Twitter widget.
  • Enter into that widget by providing username and password of one of your Twitter accounts.
  • Then, press # key of your mobile phone. Here is the option to add another Twitter account. Thus, you can add as many Twitter accounts as you want.
  • Whenever you press #, the list of added Twitter accounts will be in front of you. Once you provide the username and password information of your all Twitter accounts, you can access them very easily with Snaptu. You never need to log into them again and again.

Thus, this is very simple to manage your multiple Twitter accounts on your mobile phone. Snaptu is one quality application for mobile phone. It works very good with JAVA mobiles. This application even helps you to manage your Facebook and Linkedin profiles. Snaptu is now acquired by Facebook.

I hope you found information helpful. Share this information with your friends using sharing options at the end of this hub.


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      amar 5 years ago


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      Amar 5 years ago


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      I_Lurk_ThoseCells 6 years ago

      I would LOVE that those folks back in Facebook allow Twitter Snaptu again. I was more than pleased with it. Too bad.