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Marketing Condoms with New Media

Updated on September 23, 2009

Increase in Condom sales

Even though many men say they do not like using condoms, condom use is increasing sharply since it is a primary strategy for AIDS prevention among people at risk. Condom sales through social marketing campaigns have risen dramatically in some countries, with tens of millions of condoms sold annually where there was hardly any condom use a decade ago. In areas where social marketing campaigns have heavily promoted condoms, surveys indicate an increase in condom use.

Send Some Rubber Screenshot

KamaSutra - Send Some Rubber

It’s very important at this generation of ours where the population is growing at alarming rate, so in order to avoid unnecessary pregnancy and other diseases, its better to use a condom and get rid of this tension. Kamasutra – send some rubber has come up with one such application which acts as a reminder to call to your friends and relatives, whosoever concerned as to giving them a reminder to use condom regularly and to avoid unnecessary tensions. This application has got a site where in you enter the e-mail ID of your friend and this will give your friend an alarm as not to forget to use condom. It gives the options to choose from the seven condom types and flavours associated with it.

Why send some rubber?

How to send some rubber?

KamaSutra Condoms successful attempt

KamaSutra Condoms attempts – send some rubber in order to improvise the existing culture who to create awareness and the importance of usage of condoms. Using websites, internet and the very new Web 2.0 technology to connect with the younger audience is a great way of interacting with the brand in an non-intrusive way. At the same time, giving it a more naughty and fun element to the application, makes it more attractive. What needs to be seen is that will the youth get over the inhibitions not just start using the application but start using condoms.


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