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Maverick Nica Bluetooth headset review

Updated on March 13, 2012

It's well known that, when they buy a device, women are looking more for the good looking design, rather for functionality. They are looking for a bluetooth headset to be as small as possible and when talking about the color, of course it must be a pink bluetooth headset. With its compact, open-air design, Maverick Nica bluetooth headset satisfies women's taste but it is an option for men too. 

Maverick Nica has a clean, circular design with no microphone boom extended into the wearer cheek. It is a small, lightweight bluetooth headset and has no ear insert that press on the ear canal and has a movable arm for attaching it to your ear. Separate ear clips are included for both right and left ear.  Most user found Nica quite comfortable to wear for long period of times, but ones with smaller ears say that it doesn't fit snug and it tends to move away when they turn their head. 

Maverick Nica
Maverick Nica

More details and performance

The call quality offered by Maverick Nica Bluetooth headset is pretty good for incoming voices and, thanks to the noise canceling technology which equips it, outgoing is good too. Speaking about the operating range it is up to 30 feet which is enough for a headset. Maybe with a newer bluetooth version it would be bigger, but the Nica is a generation behind, using version 1.2.

For charging Nica comes with a desktop dock and attaches itself magnetically to the dock. We can opt for a car dock also, but it is not included in the pack, you can purchase it separately. Maverick Nica fully charges in one hour and offers a four hours talk time and 150 hours stand by time.

So if you're looking for a small, stylish bluetooth headset, which doesn't lack on feature Maverick Nica is an option and you have three colors to choose from: black, white or pink.

Maverick Nick Bluetooth Headset versions

If you've been wondering what Maverick Nica products you can actually purchase look no further. I'm going to detail in this paragraph the types of of wireless headsets and accessories listed on Maverick's website:

  • Nica Sunrise V2 headset - Black and Red versions $39
  • Desk Dock Charger for Nica Sunrise V2 - Black $19
  • Car Dock Charger for Nica Sunrise V2 - Black $29

As you can see, these are not expensive products, but they do look classy and even premium. You can also extend their functionality and looks by purchasing the ZAGG Skins especially made for this bluetooth headset.


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