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Measures to secure your internet phone service

Updated on January 12, 2012

Internet phone service has become a perfect alternate for the regular phone service. When we talk about internet phone, we often tend to overlook one of the important aspects of its usage that is security. Like any other phone service, internet phone service is prone to the problems that internet connected devices face in terms of security. Therefore, never take the security of your phone service for granted. There are steps that need to be done in order to ensure extra safety once you are using your internet phone. Let us have a look at the measures which would help reduce the risks to your phone.


Encryption is the encoding of all your voice data that leaves your phone and is received at the other end. By encrypting it, it is ensure that if the data is intercepted during its travel, it cannot be taken advantage of. Bigger VoIP companies like Axvoice use superior encryption technologies that ensure that all the voice data is very secure and even if someone gets hands to it, it cannot be used to listen to the phone calls of the subscriber. Too much encryption can however affect the voice quality therefore; you need to have a service which is able to strike the right balance between voice quality and security.

Anti-virus installation and updates

Antivirus software keeps the virus attack away from your internet phone. To ensure a secure phone, you need to ensure that an antivirus is installed on your computer. Always try to have a complete software installation so that no virus definitions lack in it. You also need to ensure that the antivirus software that you have is the latest available. Older antivirus software might have some security loopholes through which the hackers might penetrate.

Firmware updates

Firmware is the operating software on which your internet phone is running. Firmware software is updated by the internet phone service on regular basis to improve the security of the phone. When you are using internet phone, you should need to first check that whether it can updated automatically or do you need to manually install the updates. Whatever the case may be, you just need to ensure that your phone has the latest firmware installed on it. Ensuring the latest firmware update on your phone will further save it from potential hacks and possible hazards like eavesdropping.

Settings of the phone

Phone settings also provide a lot of security options that are being additionally installed to protect the safety of the subscriber. Each internet phone service offers different kinds of security options in its setting. You need to opt for those settings which are able to best serve your potential needs without interfering in your overall phone usage experience.

Firewall protection

Firewall provides additional features regarding the authorization of the use of a phone service. When we are talking about firewall, it can either be set by the user while in other cases, the internet phone provider sets the firewall preferences by itself. But in any case, that also helps further increase the security of your phone service.


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    • profile image

      Dan Castelli 5 years ago

      I would also agree that at times users also fail to keep their security software updated. That makes things very difficult for the voip phone service providers. Especially when the user gets an unexpected sky rocketing bill. Besides that, users have to keep their internet likes also intact so that, they get the same standard of service everyday.

    • profile image

      Andrew Meeker 5 years ago

      Yes it is true. Most of the main VoIP phone service providers don't update their security software in time. However, the fact is many users also fail to keep their password secret. Many times, the monitor brand displayed at the bottom of the monitor is also the password for all emails, voip accounts and other important tasks.

    • Richard Baddard profile image

      Richard Baddard 5 years ago

      I don't think keeping the VoIP phone service secure is anymore a difficult now a day. If VoIP phone service providers keep their security software updated, no one would be able to penetrate the system. Unfortunately, large VoIP service providers like Vonage and Skype has to do a lot to keep their security software updated so they keep on delaying the job as much as possible.