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Medical Apps Needed Now - Marrying Fitness with Medicine

Updated on March 28, 2015

Technology offers a number of new opportunities but with it comes some obstacles that we must overcome. Take for instance, the lack of health related smart phone applications. We need health and we have the technology to deliver better training and yet the applications are few. Let's explore eight different options for new technology that can help us make the choice of health a livable option for millions of people throughout the world. Let's think out the box and challenge the norms we have and ask what if. Let's rate one potential solution to the obesity problem by developing a new smart phone application that let's us fully comprehend our health and how healthy we appear to others.

Silohuette Medical App Neeed

silhouette from thin to heavy
silhouette from thin to heavy | Source

Medical App on Smart Phone

hand holding medical app on smart phone
hand holding medical app on smart phone | Source

Liveable Technology - Let's Put it Under Foot

Liveable Technology - iPad Wall Mount

iPad Wall Mount
iPad Wall Mount | Source

Top 5 Health Apps for Android Smartphones

App #1 Silhouettes

Imagine walking into the doctor's office, having a photo taken rather than hitting the silly scale and height measurements, then having a silhouette provided to you of what you look like compared to healthy compared to top 10% of your age comparable? That is an application that is needed for medical today. And it is very simple, we have the photography capabilities, we have the mobile applications down pat and yet we are stuck in the 1960s with the simplistic scale. The scale is impersonal and what is bad about the scale is people cannot relate.

So to this end, to help the obese understand how they were harming themselves, the medical community did a waist measurement. And the end result of this action - personal trainers had something else to use in their arsenal of explaining how the weight was harming their clients. And the result to the clients? No results that I am able to document. If you have seen a remarkable success rate with the waist measurement, I would like to hear about it.

#2 Percentage of Exertion on Machine

When I visit the health club (which sadly is not very often now that I am not working in that field), I delight in watching how young people take to fitness. Recently a young man in his early 20's came in complete with his iPad and was team with a video played on the iPad for each weight machine! This got me thinking. As a personal trainer, I know how to operate the machine, I know the risk factors, etc...but what I don't know is how strong am I for my height, weight and age? I would love to plug in and see - you are now at the average mark, you are not in the top 20%, push a little harder, do more reps and aim for the top 10%. Perhaps this app already exists and I am missing out?

In the medical field, the therapists are always quantifying the amount of movement. For instance, when I lost my range of motion for my shoulder, both the therapist and my personal trainer noted the lack of movement in a percentile. This makes sense but why can't we quantify the same "range" against the statistics of weightlifting?

#3 Resting Heart Rate Chart

I know from personal experience and my research the resting heart rate of elite athletes is around 25-30 beats per minute. I judge a hospital and its medical staff by whether or not they take my resting heart rate. Yet were is the app that tells me my resting heart rate? Is there one? Or must I wear my Polar Heart Rate Monitor (which I love by the way).

#4 Prescription Survey Results Show

OK, I said three apps but I always want to underestimate and over deliver so please indulge me. Imagine this, you are prescribed a drug for a sinus infection, a flu, imagine scanning the prescription and being able to see a survey from the local area residents perhaps let's say 100 mile radius of how they feel that drug worked on their symptoms. If online retailers can report customer reviews on products, why not survey results on cold/sinus prescriptions?

I like the idea of local surveys because for colds and flus, the strains might be more regional so what works in Chicago for a flu, may not be the right prescription for say Charlotte, North Carolina.

#5 Fitness Instructor Survey Results

As a former fitness instructor (both personal trainer and group fitness), it was great to have a wonderful class, it was uplifting to hear results and other accolades but sadly those kudos stayed only in that building. What is survey results were published?

#6 Fitness Chart of Success

I love my fitness club when they post the list of the clients who have visited the most often. When I play Mahjong they give me my score, why not have all health clubs compete for the most active members. I have three competitive clubs that I could join in the area but I don't know who has the most active clientele - wouldn't that be a great competition on an app?

#7 Believe in Livable Technology Not Wearable Technology

OK, now I will have everyone mad at me but here is the bold truth about medical/fitness apps - I don't wish to live with them. I love living with my husband but these apps need to be "livable" technology not wearable technology. The days of arm candy must be abolished. I want the apps where they live - where they belong. I want to review the app on the fitness machine not on my arm or in my glasses. I want the charts of success on an iPad on the fitness club wall or on the ADA panel as I walk in (for those who do not have snow to contend with) I want my own welcome mat or iPad butler to greet me. I don't want to wear these stats, I don't want to be shackled. I want them accessible much like we made the walkways accessible to our disabled citizens. I want the iPads "livable", butler friendly - when I want the information - it is available, if I don't want the information, I am not forced to wear it on a bracelet or my eye glasses.

#8 Livable Technology for Our Mental Health - Smart Phone Stations

Speaking of livable, I dream of a day when phone booths return. For you see, I believe phone booths are respectful spaces. Just as I don't want to wear my technology, I also don't want to hear other people's life dilemmas. I want the return of privacy - both for stopping of the the second hand conversation but also for the individual.

For you see, I feel "livable" technology is needed for our mental health. It stresses me to see too much activity. Walk through the grocery store and everyone is multi-tasking. Whatever happened to the respect for the human conversation? There is a need for a smart phone station - essesntially a phone booth to have a conversation.

So sorry, I know I was trying to limit it to three medical apps but our world is so in need of medical technology that I just could not remain quiet any longer.

Eight Medical Applications Proposed

App Name
#1 Fitness Silohuette
Weight Loss
#2 Percentage Exertion
Encourage Fitness
#3 Resting Heart Rate
Fitness Gage
#4 Prescription Survey
Prescription Effectiveness
#5 Fitness Instructor Survey
Fitness Training Skills
#6 Fitness Chart of Success
Fitness Chart of Success of the Team
#7 Liveable Technology
iPad Stations
#8 Smart Phone Station
Mental Wellness
5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Medical App - Silhouette

Share Your Thoughts

Would you find the medical app for the silhouette useful?

Of the radical eight ideas, does any one of them strike a cord with you? If so, why? What do you personally feel is needed for medical applications today?

Do you have a medical application on your smart phone?

See results

There are allot of applications in the marketplace today that celebrate health. Nutrition and prescriptions seems to be a mainstay but there could be more applications that actually make our lives more enjoyable. These eight ideas for applications I hope will someday become a reality and with it, a sustainable change in the health of both our families and our communities worldwide.

© 2014 Kelly A Burnett


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    • Easy Exercise profile image

      Kelly A Burnett 3 years ago from United States


      I love that idea! State the need and the answer will appear. "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. ” — Leon J. Suenens

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      You are an idea person. I like it! I can imagine for diabetics (although I am not one) wearing some kind of small patch when they exercise, then hooking it to their iphone and measuring blood glucose from sweat, which will provide measurement and tracking capabilities instead of finger pricking. I don't even know if it's possible, but seems like a good idea.