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Megaupload Dead

Updated on February 28, 2012

SOPA and PIPA Dead - Does it Matter?

I decided to voice my opinions on the recent headline 'Megaupload Dead' which has been spread all across social networks such as Youtube, Reddit and Twitter. For any Hubpages members who do not know, Megaupload was a filesharing site which provided a variety of services for uploading and storing files.

This website was actually an umbrella domain for various category sites such as MegaVideo, MegaPix, MegaLive and MegaBox(Music hosting). The site was seized by the U.S Justice Department on the 19th of January 2012, a day after the SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA(Protect IP Act) were not passed by the government.

Megaupload Down

From what I can see proponents for the bills SOPA and PIPA tend to be the big entertainment corporations and software manufacturers looking to protect their own income but what many regular people who don't use the internet on a huge scale fail to see is these corporations exploit this file sharing software themselves when it suits them.

It is well explained in the video that I have included below that CBS themselves recommended file-sharing applications such as Bittorrent, The PirateBay and Limewire for downloading TV shows on their site CNET. These reviews were written to support CNET's own add-on tool bars and tech gadgets.

Don't get me wrong, I do not support copyright infringement, I have had my own copyright content stolen from right here on Hubpages and had to file DMCA complaints for its removal from another website.

Now I have debunked the argument put forth by the proponents of SOPA bill, I would like to explain why I think it is wrong that Mega Upload was taken down in an instance by the U.S government. As a lot of you will know, some of the biggest sites on the internet such as Google, Wikipedia and Wordpress blackout their pages the day before Sopa and PIPA acts were to be decided against in the U.S. The reason the latter sites also opposed the bills was because it threatens the first amendment 'Right to Free Speech'.

The SOPA act wanted the ability for people who do not even work in the Internet industry to regulate website content and shut down whole sites based on maybe a small section which may have a suspicious link. Of course sites like Google and Wikipedia know that this is a great hindrance to the evolution and development of ideas.

The Megaupload site had many great features and abilities which were not thought of for actually sharing legal content, so we have not only lost a great website but also any chance of sharing legal softwares to better personal websites and systems.

The company owners of Megaupload were based in Hong Kong and arrested for being an organization dedicated to copyright infringement, although were they simply providing a service which was abused by its users uploading copyrighted material? I only used the site occasionally to search for SEO related freeware and I can't remember if any warnings were posted at the foot of the site.

I am sure MegaUpload would have co-operated with DMCA complaints, so despite PIPA and SOPA not passing, is free exchange of ideas still threatened? I would like to hear other peoples opinions.


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