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Memory, Battery Widget for Android Phone

Updated on January 3, 2012

My Android phone is one basic Android phone and it has limited internal memory. The internal memory of my Android phone is almost full with different type of Android applications, and now if I want to install one new Android application, I have to uninstall another one. Thus, internal memory is an important issue considering limited internal memory of my Android phone. Then when it comes to Cache size, the internal memory problem gets worse. So I always have to keep my eyes on available internal memory of my Android phone. I hate that low memory notification on the notification bar.

It's been uncomfortable for me to always open the settings of my Android phone to check the status of internal memory. So I wanted to have a widget which would show me a quick status of internal memory of my Android phone on a Home Screen. As I am like always on my mobile phone using internet via Wi-Fi connection, this was the important thing for me to know the exact battery status. Because, Wi-Fi consumes more battery power.

Then talking about another problem, it's about the battery status of my Android phone. The default battery icon on the status bar gives me an idea about the status of battery, but it does not show me exactly how much percentage of battery is remaining! This was inconvenient for me and I wanted to know the exact percentage of remaining battery.

Taking these two things into consideration I wanted to have an Android widget which fulfills all my requirements about memory and battery status. So I went into the Android Market, and searched and installed different widgets, which was claiming to have the best widget in the Android market. Out of these widgets, I found one very good widget, and this widget proved to be exactly the one, which I wanted to have.

Memory Status Widget, Battery Status Widget for Android Phone
Memory Status Widget, Battery Status Widget for Android Phone

Memory Status Widget

The name of this best widget is Memory Status. But, it is also useful to check left battery percentage. The features of this widget includes,

  1. Battery Status.
  2. Internal memory status.
  3. External SD memory status.
  4. SD memory status.
  5. Free RAM memory.
  6. Customizable Text Widget.
  7. 4 different color layouts.
  8. Battery Gauge Widget.
  9. Customization of Battery Gauge Widget.
  10. The facility to add a numerical battery icon in the status bar.
  11. Estimated battery time left.
  12. Estimated time to charge battery.
  13. Chart of battery level pattern.
  14. System shortcuts and additional details.

You can get memory status widget from the Android market. Install it on your Android phone. Then long press on the empty space of a Home Screen of your Android phone. Select 'Widget'. You will see two types of memory status widgets, Gauge Battery 1x1 and Text 1x1. Select any of these widgets. In my opinion, Text 1x1 widget is good, as it shows RAM, Int (Internal Memory), SD (External Memory), Battery, In Use status of Android phone. When you click Memory Status widget, it shows all these things in details. To do customization, press 'Menu' and then select 'Settings'. Here you could do some more customization of this widget regarding Background, Battery in Status Bar, etc.

This is the best widget that you should have on a Home Screen of your Android phone. I hope you found this hub helpful. You may like to share this hub with your friends by using sharing options at the end of this hub.


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    • sabrani44 profile image

      sabrani44 6 years ago

      Good hub, will download those widgets.