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MetroPCS Hauwei Pinnacle Music and Videos

Updated on May 29, 2012

Hauwei Pinnacle

You CAN put music and even full length movies on your Hauwei Pinnacle phone! First you must get a 16GB MicroSD chip and put it in the phone. I ordered one online for a total of about $8.00 including shipping. The chip installs right under the battery cover at the top right.

Hooking up to your PC

After you install this chip, hook your phone up to your PC with the USB cable that came with the phone. Your computer will now see your phone as a storage device and give it a drive letter.. In my case E:.. Now you can move files between your PC and your phone.


Music is easy. You simply copy folders of CD's to the My_Music folder on the phone. I do this by opening the My_Music folder on my phone and the folder on my PC where I have the music folder. I just drag the music folder to the phones My_Music folder!


The Pinnacle supports low-end MPEG-4.. It works pretty good though.. I found a program called Any Video Converter that will convert AVI to MPEG-4 for mobile phones and it works great! I've made three movies with it so far and they work! Move the converted videos to the phone like you did the music, but instead move them to the My_Videos folder..

Listening and Watching

Your music will play right from the music player app. For videos, go to Multimedia, change to memory card (tabs at the top), then go to My videos.. Your files will be there! Hope this was helpful!!


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