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Michael Jackson Email Virus: Warning over Michael Jackson email virus

Updated on June 1, 2011

Some of the modern viruses are spreading over Internet through several ways and e-mail is one of the medium to spread viruses over Internet. Generally, the viruses which are spreading over e-mail, are very talented email. This type of e-mails subject and message body contain interesting topics. Likewise, Michael Jackson virus is spreading over e-mails. Michael Jackson is really a popular topic. After his death, all people feel sorrow. So, it's really a hot topic now. But some people (must be dark people) take this opportunity to spread virus by including Michael Jackson's fame. This page contains information about Michael Jackson e-mail virus, how it's spreading and how to defend yourself form this virus attack.

What is Michael Jackson e-mail virus?

Michael Jackson e-mail virus is a recent virus which is spreading through emails by the subject "Remembering Michael Jackson" from the sender "". When you get an email with similar subject and email address, you are quite sure this is the named virus. Moreover, there will be an attachment and in the body of the original mail it asks you to open that and run that. If you get this type email, avoid opening it and downloading the email attachment.

Who firstly issued warning about Michael Jackson e-mail virus?

Computer security firm Sophos issued the warning about Michael Jackson e-mail virus. They warned that Michael Jackson virus is spreading through mass e-mail claiming to contain several secret songs and photos of Michael Jackson.

How Michael Jackson email virus is spreading?

Michael Jackson email virus is primarily spreading through email with the subject line like "Remembering Michael Jackson". The email is sent by "".

Moreover, there is an attachment titled as "Michael songs and". The email tells that "Michael songs and" contains several secret songs and photos of pop music icon, who died of a heart attack in the United States on June 25.

So, if anyone download that and run it then the virus is automatically spreading to his/her computer. In this way, this virus is spreading over the Internet through emails.

If any computer is infected by this virus, it automatically begin to spread this worm onto other Internet users.

Besides spreading through the above ways, this malware is also spreading as an Auto-run component on USB memory sticks or USB drives.

How to defend yourself form Michael Jackson email virus?

If you get similar type of email, then delete the email without opening the email. Don't try to download the attachment. You may have strong antivirus software, but don't try to download and open the attachment of the email.

Moreover, you may not get the email by the exact subject and form the exact sender. You may get the emails similar to that. But don't open it and delete the email.

If any computer is infected then don't connect any USB device to that computer. Because, it may infect your USB device and spread other computer.

Sophos Warnings and News:

Sophos warned computer users not to open the attachment. The following lines are adopted form Yahoo news.

"By opening the attachment, computer users are exposed to infection. Once infected, a computer will begin automatically spreading the worm onto other Internet users," Sophos said.

"Besides spreading via email, Sophos experts note that the malware is also capable of spreading as an Autorun component on USB memory sticks."

Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, said many computer users are likely to be tempted to open the attachment because of the feverish interest in the King of Pop's sudden death.

"But sensible computer users should by now be well aware that cybercriminals will be quick to exploit news events to spread malware and spam," he said.

"Anyone who receives this email should delete it immediately to save themselves the embarrassment of infecting their email contacts."

© Written by rancidTaste


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