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Michael Kors iPad Mini Cases: Not Available Yet?

Updated on March 6, 2013

Get updated ASAP upon release of the iPad Mini Line

To start off with the bad news right away: at this time Michael Kors iPad Mini cases have not been released yet... As soon as they are released I will update this page immediately showing all the available models. To make 100% sure they haven't been released search Amazon for Michael Kors iPad Mini.

Please bookmark, to get updated asap after their release. And I do expect one of the leading American designers to come out with a gorgeous and fashionable line eventually.

I've listed a few placeholders as long as the orginals aren't out yet. They are quite fashionable designs themselves so do give them a glance. I sure liked them.

Not a Michael Kors iPad Mini Case

Ok maybe it's not exactly a Michael Kors case. At this moment it's unclear when they will be releasing an iPad Mini model. On the bright side this case saves you some money as it is undoubtly cheaper then a real MK case would be. It's made from PU leather and feels nice to the touch.It has a very nice rotation feature allowing it to rotate 360 degrees. A nifty feature that is very practical and easy.

Looking for a Fashionable Case

This is the same case as you see right above this one but it's white. I still wanted to display it because white goes really well with the design. One downside is that white is lot harder to keep clean. I prefer it over the brown model but to each his own. It comes in a nice retail box.

See the Leopard Print Inside

Very stylish case by JaVOedge. It's available not only in turquoise but also in yellow, pink and black. This model was designed specifically for the Mini and it fits like a glove. Very snug and tight. The bright colors on the outside with the leopard print on the inside (go see the pictures) make this a wild case. It's perfect for a girl with some animal in her. Girls love it and it's less expensive then a genuine fashion designer case that can quickly cost over a $100.

Who Else loves Paisley Designs?

This paisley case is another very girly design by JAVOedge. It's a folio case that has been specifically designed for the mini and it fits wonderfully well. Like their other models very snug and tight fitting around the device. There are different stands to put your iPad in the ideal viewing angle and elastic straps to keep it in place even under difficult circumstances. The design is very cute and bright and makes every day a little brighter.

a Girls Case: Cherry Blossom

This JAVOedge Cherry Blossom folio case in twilight purple makes every day a little brighter. It works just like the other cases by JAVOedge. You can use the straps to secure the iPad Mini and it has a built in handle strap to hold the mini in your hand easily. With this design you can easily access all the features of the device. I love the cherry background and think it's both very cute and cheerful. A real girls case that you either love right away or never! Although it's colorful it's stylish enough to carry to work. It has some sophistication to it and the blossoms are a work safe design. Which is a big plus in an iPad Mini case, since most people want to take it to the office now and then.


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