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Micro SD Card Adapter

Updated on September 19, 2011

Do You Need a Micro SD Card Adapter?

SD memory cards are used in our digital devices, from cameras to cell phones. With many of our electronics devices becoming smaller each year, micro SD cards are commonly used. They are merely smaller versions of the traditional SD cards and provide the same function; primarily to store information.

While these tiny cards are now common in cell phones and are beginning to appear in other portable devices such as digital cameras, GPS devices, portable gaming devices, MP3 players and more, computers seldom use them. This creates an incompatibility when you wish to download information to your computer. The smaller cards won't fit in a traditional SD card slot on a computer or the typical memory card reader.

To get around this problem, users either need to transfer information or download wirelessly, via an external USB or Firewire port, or use a micro SD card adapter.

Buying Information

When you purchase a device with a micro SD card it often comes with a micro SD card adapter to allow the user to place the card in a standard SD card slot as well. This adapter doesn't have a real mechanical or electronic function, it's merely a plastic shell that the micro SD card slips into to expand the size to safely fit into a standard SD card slot.

This is great news because these simple shells are of course very affordable and rather universally compatible, making the shopping experience very easy. Whether you have a micro SD card that did not come with an adapter or it has been lost or damaged, you can always replace it.

Often you will need to buy a new micro SD card with the adapter included. However, the pricing for the entire package remains very affordable. You will find a number of these on this page.


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    • Technoman profile image

      Technoman 7 years ago

      New technology just keeps getting smaller and smaller. I just changed my printer and forgot that the old one I just discarded had the only means I had for reading one of the larger memory cards I use in a digital photo frame. So now I can't change my photos. Might be an idea for a universal adapter that will take multiple sizes.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 7 years ago from England

      Hi, great info thanks, I am just getting used to all the new technology, and then they come up with something else! lol Nell