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Micro - The World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

Updated on June 5, 2017

Product Video

Initial Thoughts

As someone who spends quite a bit of time sourcing products that show promise to scale in the retail industry, I like this product for a number of reasons.

  • It solves a straight-forward problem with a straight-forward solution
  • While the design might seem complex, the technology is not revolutionary which means backers and customers will likely get what they paid for (a solution).
  • The team behind MICRO appear to be organized with an upfront website with credible backgrounds.

The projects that fail to deliver to their backers and customers tend to be the complex drones and new technologies that have yet to be brought onto the marketplace. While not all of these advance tech Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns are destined to fail, there are likely to be more hiccups along the way.

About the team


Buying the product

If you're reading this article in time, you might still be able to get the early-bird release by going to the Kickstarter campaign. Otherwise you'll likely have to wait until early 2018 to receive yours likely through Amazon or Kickstart Success' website.

Besides Amazon and eCommerce in the early stages of MICRO's product life cycle, you'll likely find the product around travel-related retailers like InMotion (airport stores) or perhaps even in select larger retailers once the company grows.


Who's this designed for?

This product is designed for people who travel often to other countries with different power outlets. Whether you're a CEO or a student studying abroad, this is something you can take in a carry-on, handbag, or just a pants pocket.

Not only will this enable you to power all of your electronics, but it'll also protect your electronics from shorting out with their replaceable fuse in the adapter.

Especially if you're traveling to multiple areas of the world (i.e. US, Europe, Asia, and back again) this can save you from having to look up which power outlets various countries use and will ultimately save you from frustrated time.

How often would you use MICRO per year?

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Questions or comments?

What are your thoughts on MICRO and the Kickstarter campaign? Do you think this type of product will find traction in the market, or are charger products too common?

Does this type of of product interest you as a traveler?


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