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Microcassette Tape Eraser

Updated on January 2, 2011

About microcassettes

A microcassette is a type of magnetic tape. Cassettes were very popular in the eighties—the equivalent of CDs and media files of this generation. It was the standard medium for music records and albums. (If you are not very familiar with cassettes, you might find one in your parents' collection). Microcassettes are basically the miniature version of cassettes, thus, the word “micro.” Same with audio cassettes, microcassettes are used to record audio files and are, of course, used in tape recorders.

One particular downside of magnetic tapes is its quick degradation quality. The audio files stored are easily erased and overwritten, which ironically is considered by some as an advantage. The microcassette is quite similar with today's hard drive which can be damaged, resulting to loss of data, when exposed to strong magnets. That being said, it is very understandable that the erasing system of a microcassette eraser is made up of magnets.

The microcassette tape eraser

Although most cassette players sold back then have the functionality of erasing and overwriting magnetic tapes, people had to have lots of time and patience for those to erase or overwrite tapes at play speed (real time). This is why automatic erasers, which can do the job in just a matter of seconds, became popular.

Some tape erasers are still available in the market today. To help you find what you are looking for, Below are some of the most popular and still widely available models today.

Sanyo ME20

A classic product from Japan. It is portable and is almost the same size as that of a microcassette. It is very easy to use—one simply has to insert the tape in the slot, then all of the data stored will be erased in a matter of seconds.

Sanyo MCE20

The main difference between the MC20 and the MCE20 is that the MCE20 can also erase mini cassettes. At an additional $5, this feature is really worth it, since most of you still probably have tapes lying around the house.

Sanyo MCE25

The MCE25 is yet another version of the popular ME20. It is the latest incarnation offered by Sanyo and can also erase micro and mini cassette tapes. It has stronger magnets that are more effective and does the job faster.

Other Brands

Most other brands that are still being sold today are simply re-branded ME20s or copies. These brand include DaFuture, ECS, and Depot Tape Erases among others.


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    • profile image

      Purple People Eater 5 years ago

      I have a business doing medical transcription and bought one of the MCE20 erasers and it messes the tape up. You can hardly hear any of the dictation. I am trying to find another type of eraser but it doesn't look like there are any. I used a Panasonic transcription machine before I purchased this Sanyo machine and it had an eraser on it that worked good. I am having problems with it right now and it doesn't erase all of it. Thanks.

    • devsir profile image

      devsir 6 years ago from Earth