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Microsoft Anti Spam Policies and Technologies

Updated on March 20, 2013

The concern

Are you concerned about the security of your corporate network? Don’t you feel disturbed by the spam, viruses or worms? Aren’t you afraid of losing your personal data or the confidential information? Yes, of course you would be concerned about all these devil things. But have you ever thought what could have been done to safe guard your network or your standalone personal computer? Everyday there is a new virus or a worm or some spam mails appearing and annoying you, as if the creators of those malwares have taken a challenge to show their superiority! They are telling we are more intelligent than you; you can’t catch hold of us!

As a system administrator of your corporate network and messaging system you might have raised your hands; everyday thousands of fraudulent messages along with viruses, worms and Trojan horses are flowing through your network and malwares are changing their strategies every now and then, what could you do!

But you can’t sit idle also; after all you have been entrusted for the security of your corporate networks and systems! Let us see what other big corporate like Microsoft are doing in this case.

Microsoft Anti Spam policies for Exchange 2007

Microsoft corporate network receives more than fourteen million messages per day for their 130,000 mail boxes. With the help of antivirus and anti spam policies, they get rid of 95 percent of all spam messages.

How does Microsoft do it? They actually do the filtering of all spam and virus messages by deploying Edge Transport Servers at the perimeter network. This minimizes the internal network security risks and also reduces the hardware costs which are associated with routing and internal mail gateway services. The Edge Transport server role uses the Microsoft Exchange EdgeSync service to retrieve configuration information from the Hub transport Server from the outside of Active Directory directory service forest. Edge Transport Server role is installed in a particular computer and then the Microsoft Exchange EdgeSync service periodically replicates recipients and configuration data from Active Directory to the Active Application Mode (ADAM) instance to this computer.

In Microsoft Exchange 2007 the Edge Transport Server role is deployed as a standalone server in the perimeter network which provides improved anti spam and anti virus protection to the Exchange Organization. The Edge Transport server handles all internets facing mail flow and provides Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) relay and Smart Host services for the Exchange Organization. There are also additional layers of messaging protections by a series of agents that run on the Transport Server to act on messages as they are passed by the transport components. Thus it provides a significant protection against the viruses and spams.

Sender ID Framework

Microsoft Corporation has created a leading e-mail authentication protocol with support from other industries across the globe. This is Sender ID Framework (SIDF); it helps protect more than forty five percent of all legitimate e-mail sent worldwide. Your Company can also build up an improved online trust and confidence and realize a competitive advantage for your brand and online marketing initiatives by implementing Sender ID Framework.

Microsoft SmartScreen

This is an intelligent spam filtering solution and Microsoft has integrated it with all Microsoft e-mail platforms including Windows Live Hotmail, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Outlook 2003 messaging and collaboration client, and Windows Mail e-mail clients.

SmartScreen technology learns the technique of distinguishing between legitimate e-mail and spams; detect fishing URLs embedded in the e-mail messages. It could do this by synthesizing extensive user input from millions of Windows Live Hotmail users who are part of the voluntary Feedback loop Program (FBL). This results the improved delivery of legitimate e-mail and better identification and blocking of approximately ninety five percent of spam or junk e-mails.

Office Outlook 2007 E-mail Postmark

The basic purpose of incorporation of this innovative technology in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 was to improve deliverability of the legitimate e-mails which otherwise would have been identified as junk and might have the risk of getting deleted. This technology checks the outbound messages for indication of spam by using its content filtering technology and then instructs the sender computer to perform a computation or puzzle. This work is then assigned to a header within the e-mail message as a token of legitimacy. This is called the postmark. This postmark is not noticeable to the sender or the receiver, but this certainly creates difficulty for the spammer to send large number of e-mails. When an e-mail is received with the postmark, it becomes easier for the inbound system like Microsoft Exchange 2007 to verify the postmark. This improves the Spam Confidence Level (SCL) of the e-mail messages and also improves the deliverability of the legitimate messages.

Intelligent Message filter

This is a part of a comprehensive effort for the enhancement of the e-mail protection, hygiene, productivity and security. Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) with the help of SmartScreen technology provides server side message filtering, heuristics based message analysis and support for per message spam confidence level (SCL) ratings.


All types of malwares including viruses, Trojans, spams and worms infiltrate the system by using the technology and loopholes of the operating system and / or the messaging system. Therefore it would be easier for creator of those operating systems and messaging systems to find a way to safeguard the vulnerable points. If you are using Microsoft products for the above purposed it is advisable to follow the procedure and policies which they are following to protect their own networks and systems.


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