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Microsoft Enters the Home: Three Programs the Busy Mom Needs

Updated on April 28, 2010

Microsoft Office

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New Tricks for Busy Mom


My dream job is being a godly wife and home schooling mother. Naturally, this includes many tasks, including the obvious ones like cooking and cleaning. However, this job also entails many other requirements such as supervising, encouraging, nourishing, and teaching the children and the husband. Because this is such a time consuming and draining occupation, anything that can assist in organizing the life of the woman will be greatly appreciated. In the age in which humanity lives, many of these organizational helps are technological. The computer can be one of the woman’s best friends, since, here, she not only has access to the internet and its many resources, but also three Microsoft programs whose sole purposes are to organize different types of information. This software package includes Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These programs are diverse in their functions, just as the woman’s daily life is diverse. Therefore, these three programs are possibly some of the most valuable the woman can have at her disposal.

Humans interconnect with each other in many ways, including body language and facial expression. However, the most prevalent human language is words. Because of this, Microsoft Word is, arguably, the most useful program for the mother. Since she must communicate with people effectively in order to make the most of her time, she can use Word in a variety of ways. First, Word is ideal for things like letters or statements, which are still necessary even in this computer age. The woman can even choose templates that are ready made for whatever she needs to produce. Besides this obvious use of the program, the woman can also find other unique ways to utilize Word. The busy woman’s tasks include menu planning and shopping, and Word does not leave her on her own to complete these jobs. Word presents an ideal format for creating lists, menus, and recipes in an organized way. She can save these and bring them up at later dates to use again. This is a brilliant time saving device. The internet also provides several such resources, which can be downloaded and opened in Word for the woman’s personal use.

Along with the use of words in lists and statements, the woman will also have the need to incorporate numbers into her work. Yet what woman has unlimited time to do math? This is where Microsoft Excel comes in. Excel is a program that works with numbers. Not only does it make numerous and complex calculations, it also provides shortcuts, so that the woman does not need to spend countless hours inputting information. Like Word, Excel can save worksheets, making them available to the woman for a long period of time. The woman can also use Excel to teach her children by creating charts and graphs to illustrate various ideas and expressions. Excel can be a very useful tool in budgeting, and the charts and graphs will come in handy to help demonstrate percentages of income spent.

A woman’s children are some of the most valuable people to her. She likely takes many photos of them and saves every picture they have colored for her. However, photos can get lost in boxes, and the refrigerator eventually runs out of room to display the children’s creations. This is one area in which Microsoft PowerPoint is invaluable. Printed photos and drawings can be scanned into a computer and inputted into PowerPoint in the form of a slide show, while digital photos need only be imported into the program. Words and graphics can be added to enhance these images as well. Any mother would delight in the ability to have years worth of pictures available in one convenient place. Since PowerPoint is quite simple to operate, any mother with a little time to devote can create a lasting digital keepsake that can be saved and shared with others. PowerPoint is also an instructional tool used by teachers everywhere. The mother, too, can use PowerPoint to illustrate facts, ideas, and graphics in a way that is palatable to children with short attention spans.

Some people say a worker is only as good as their tools. Therefore, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are three tools that a wife and mother should keep under her belt. Although the effective use of these programs does not define her as a good woman, their assistance can make her better at what she does. With the proficient use of words, numbers, and graphics the mother has encompassed several styles of learning and can be a better teacher and can actually learn better herself. The time saved and projects accomplished make the woman feel happy and proud, therefore making a better living environment for the whole family.


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