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Microsoft Kinect, the future of gaming

Updated on December 25, 2013

Wouldn't it be awesome to hold a conversation with a virtual person and this virtual person could recognize you, have realistic emotions, and even recognize shapes that you draw and hold up to the scanner? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could learn to dance, or other skills with a virtual instructor that tracks your every move without needing you to hold or wear any special controller? Wouldn't it be cool if you could play games and watch movies without the touch of a button, with only your voice and actions? This sounds like something from the distant future, something that would be impossible to create today. But no longer. Microsoft Kinect, previously titled Project Natal, will hit stores November 4, 2010 and will be compatible with any Xbox 360 that has a hard drive or a memory unit with at least 175MB of storage available. This means it will only work with the new, sleek, black 360 and some of the older versions.

Kinect will wipe out its competition, the primitive Wii, which still uses a wand-like controller and is slowly starting to lose its huge fan base, and it will completely obliterate Sony's PlayStation Move, whose own attempts at motion sensor may be slightly superior to the Wii, but is in essence, just copying the Wii with its own wand-like controller.

Kinect will completely revolutionize the way we play video games, watch movies, and even exercise.

Video Games

So far only a few titles are released but many will soon follow. Games include fitness, dance, Zumba, and sports, along with racing and driving games. Also, there is Kinectimals for kids where you can teach your "pets" to do tricks and scratch their ears, along with Kinect Adventures, in which you navigate through 20 adventures while on a raft. Other titles include Adrenaline Misfits, a boarding game in which you actually do the moves, a Sonic game, and Child of Eden, in which you are thrust into battle to save Project Lumi and later, Eden itself. Other than the released titles, Kinect also revealed a skateboarding game through a sneak peak video. In this game you actually perform the tricks and you can even scan your own skateboard's design and it will appear as a skateboard design choice! And have you ever wanted to be a Jedi warrior? Soon you will be able to wield your lightsaber to defeat Darth Vader in the upcoming Kinect Starwars game! Later on, Microsoft Kinect will release shooting games. Imagine dodging bullets and shooting at the enemy.

Xbox Live

With Kinect, you can sort through movies and games with a wave of your hand or a voice command! If you want to pause or play your movie, just say pause and it will pause. Kinect's state-of-the-art voice recognition can actually recognize and register your voice compared to someone else. This means it knows who's talking!


With Kinect you basically have your own personal trainer, whether you're learning yogo, zumba, various sports like soccer and volleyball, or dance. And unlike Wii Fit, where you can easily cheat at every activity, Kinect tracks you're every movement...not the controller. This means Kinect can give you tips on position and stance, along with if you're in the right position or not. Microsoft Kinect, unlike the Wii, will get you in shape.


Imagine being able to hold a real conversation with a virtual person, a virtual person that doesn't just have pre-programmed answers, and instead seems to think for himself. Milo is a virtual boy and is a breakthrough in technology as he can talk to you, recognize things you hold up to the scanner, show realistic emotions, and even do activities such as fishing with you. Nothing even comes close to the technology of Milo from any other competitor.

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Video Chat

Also, with Kinect you will be able to connect and chat with your friends through video.

Kinect is rumored to cost almost $150. But if you don't already have a compatible Xbox you'll have to buy that as well.



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    • G L Strout profile image

      G L Strout 

      8 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Interesting I hav enot been into gaming for years but I have a son and gradsons who will definitely be interested. Thanks for sharing.


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