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Microsoft New Email

Updated on August 20, 2012

Outlook Email User Inferface

Outlook Email

I have 3 email address and these are from yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. My first email address is the one with at the end. I’m still using it from time to time. But, I make the my default email address. Why? The answer is quite simple, Gmail is easy and simple to use. Has no flickering ads on the left side tab and it has been very successfully dealing with spammed mail. My third email address is I’m using this email when login into and Microsoft services forums. Microsoft is rolling out the new email for free and out of curiosity I’ve tested the using my Hotmail account and after a few minutes I’ve decided to rename my account to

Switching to the new email address is a few clicks away. If you have an existing address all you have to do is login to the using your @hotmail account. Here are the steps on how to rename your @hotmail account to

1. Sign in to outlook using your hotmail account.

2. Click the options icon and select more mail settings.

3. Under Managing your account, click Rename your email address.

4. On the Rename your email address page, enter a new username and select a domain name (outlook, hotmail, and live) from the dropdown list.

5. Click Save.


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