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Microsoft Office 365: 9 Must Have Features

Updated on April 4, 2016

With the upgraded Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook apps; the new Microsoft Office 365 is creating a buzz for its cloud-based capabilities. These capabilities enable you to perform all the operations that you couldn’t have done offline. Microsoft claims that Office 365 is not a revolutionary upgrade but a productivity booster. Hence, users are still in a dilemma about its features for both business and personal use. Here’s a list of some of its important features, which will not only help decide switching to Office 365 but will also help in using Office in the optimum way.

  1. Collaborative work: Facilitate collaborative work environment with the new features of Office 365. This means multiple users can edit a file (in Word, Excel and PowerPoint) simultaneously. Not just that, you can also view changes made by different users. This feature was first seen in Google Apps. Microsoft is also offering a similar version of it with their most popular apps.
  2. Enables Skype Chat while working on a document: Now enable Skype Chat with the document collaborators while working on a file. The bigger idea behind it is the ease of sharing ideas and expertise. This feature works independently on Office tools and Skype, which means, you can continue the chat on your device even after closing the document.
  3. Instead of attaching, link a file: Office 365 for business offers an option of linking files instead of attaching them. All you need to do is upload the file on Office 365 cloud storage and share the link to the file through Outlook. Microsoft Outlook also has permission settings to the linked files.
  4. Notes can be used as calendar items: If you work with a checklist and deadlines, this will be a very commendable feature for you. With Office 365 for business, when you create a to-do list on OneNote and add deadlines and set reminders on your Outlook calendar. You can also share this as a calendar invite with your colleagues.
  5. Sway with Bing to make Prezi-like presentations: Sway is Microsoft’s cloud presentation software, which helps in creating Prezi-like presentations. It is integrated with Bing to ease the process of searching images. It reads your presentation and suggests images to add in your presentation.
  6. Clutter-free inbox: Microsoft Office 365 Clutter feature will help you get a spam free inbox. It is similar to the Priority Inbox by Google. You can set rules for receiving emails in your inbox. The lesser important mails are sent to the ‘Clutter’ folder that you can read or delete later. Also, there is an option called ‘Ignore’, which will help you stop viewing all the messages that do not require an action from you.
  7. Quick Analysis on Excel: The cool new feature of Office 365 for business—‘Power Maps’—converts geographical data from tables and charts into 3D maps. Also, Office 365 features ‘Quick Analysis’ which has made presenting data in pivot tables, charts and graphs easier and quicker.
  8. Flash Fill in Excel: Flash fill into excel with the new feature of Office 365. This option formats the cells by recognizing the changes made to the cell format and suggesting the same for the rest of the document.
  9. Easy PDF file editing: Converting documents into PDF and PDF into editable documents without formatting changes has become simpler with Office 365. You can edit, copy, paste and save a document or a part of the document and password protect it too.


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