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SharePoint Online

Updated on January 25, 2018

Sharing, storing, and synching data has become easier as SharePoint Online can store all your content at one place. Now, listing your common tasks for the day at one place and keeping your team in sync with the latest updates is simpler as compared to before. SharePoint Online introduces new work management systems that help people prioritize their work in the desired manner. Designers have the option of building the most creative websites and the developers can build modern applications for the software, and all this can be done while meeting the compliance requirement.

SharePoint Online

Explore a brand new way of working—where you can share your work and simultaneously work with others, a whole new world where organizing and discovering new information became easier. Let’s go through some of the exclusive features offered by SharePoint Online.


  • Introduce social networking to work: Track the progress report of your colleagues, share reports, share ideas, and discover unfound answers with some new social features introduced in SharePoint.
  • Share: Use any Microsoft Office application for publishing things on SharePoint Online and share all this information working inside or outside your organization with just one simple setting.
  • Travel with SharePoint: Stay in touch with clients and colleagues while travelling, update your current activity, and share documents, from anywhere through your tablet or mobile.


  • Manage projects: Organize your tasks and visibility for getting a better visibility for the upcoming project deliverables in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Project.
  • Connect: Build a brand new team site within a few minutes, have all the team email’s and documents in one place, and track the meeting notes simultaneously.
  • Sync and Store: Working offline is not a task when it comes to SharePoint, with SkyDrive Pro, you can save all your important data on the desktop, so that you always have offline access to important data.


  • Find experts: Need some expert advice on a topic? Then you can easily connect with anyone from your organization possessing that knowledge, or someone who shares a similar interest or profile.
  • Answers and insights: A simple raw data will reduce the value of your report. With SharePoint Online you can create beautiful interactive reports in Excel 2013 and publish the same on SharePoint Online for getting more insights from the team members.
  • Find better results: Narrow down your search to exact terms or customize to get the desired results. Moreover, you can also get suggestions from experts or follow some of the ideal reports available online.


  • Apps in the Cloud: Build any application you like on oAuth, JavaScript, or HTML with the new application called the Cloud App Model for the SharePoint Online.
  • Publish on the store: Now you can make your applications available to the general mass through the SharePoint Online store. Sell your applications online through a customized catalog.
  • Websites: Use some of the design tools from SharePoint Online and understandable controls for create some of the dynamic websites for sharing your business vision with one and all.


  • Costs: The infrastructure costs are lesser that makes it easier for stretching your boundaries to run SharePoint Online in the Office 365 cloud.
  • Risk: Risk management becomes easier with eDiscovery, increased management capabilities, and new archiving and these capabilities are extended to Microsoft SharePoint, Lync Online, and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Time: Now, spend very little time in managing the infrastructure and give more time in creating new innovations by making advances in SharePoint scale, management abilities, and performance.

Initially, when SharePoint Online was introduced to people, it was a simple tool for sharing document libraries. However, now this tool has evolved to be the most powerful tool that can be used setting up a professional social network and hosting external websites. It is no longer a simple server system that you could install, now you can customize it to cloud, and use the benefits of cloud computing.

The new release of SharePoint Online is very easy to use for both the end users and IT administrators. You can conveniently use it for finding and sharing information, for analyzing the business tools, planning projects with revised timelines, sharing notebooks – managing, updating, and sharing the notebook, and introducing legal holds. So, now you can go ahead and explore SharePoint Online for your business.

© 2018 Abhinav Sethi


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