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Microsoft To Eliminate Microsoft Points System for Xbox Live, Windows Phone & Zune?

Updated on January 24, 2012

Microsoft To End Microsoft Points By the End of 2012?

Rumor has it that Microsoft is going to get rid of the Microsoft points system. Microsoft points are needed to purchase content from Xbox Live Marketplace, Windows Phone, and the Zune Marketplace. A source at Inside Mobile Apps said that the Microsoft points System will not be used after 2012. This change is likely to occur so Microsoft can better compete with Apple's App Store.

Why Would Eliminating Microsoft Points help Microsoft Compete against Competitors?

One of the problems with purchasing Microsoft points is that you must buy them in bundles. For example, if you want to purchase add-on content for a video game that costs 550 Microsoft points, you need to buy 800 Microsoft points, which the cost is equivalent to $9.99 USD. The end result -- you end up spending more money than you needed. Also, more often than not, a consumer ends up with extra points. However, the Microsoft points left over are usually not enough to purchase any content in the future -- hence the consumer needs to buy more Microsoft points and ultimately spend more cash.

If Microsoft were to switch to "real currency" then consumers would pay the exact cash amount for the game add-on, Zune Marketplace item, or whatever they may purchase. Basically, the consumer would save more money because they do not have to purchase Microsoft points that can only be bought in bundles.

This would be a smart move by Microsoft and would benefit consumers from a financial stand point. I think it's a smart move overall and I think many video game players would agree or anyone who needs to purchase Microsoft points to download content. At least with real currency I can pay the "exact amount."

There would be one problem with eliminating Microsoft points, however...See the end of this article.

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No Alternative To Buy Xbox Live Content etc. Other Than Using Debit Or Credit Cards?

If Microsoft would get rid of Microsoft Points entirely, this would mean that consumers would no longer be able to buy Microsoft point cards in retail stores. Some people prefer to buy the cards in stores instead of using debit or credit cards on Xbox Live. And many players on Xbox Live are very young and do not even have debit or credit cards yet. How would they purchase content? They would not be able to go in stores with cash and purchase Microsoft points cards that can be redeemed as points on Xbox live.

Young Children could technically ask their parents to buy them Microsoft points, but many parents may not like the idea of using their credit cards etc. What alternative could Microsoft offer other than using debit or credit cards to buy Microsoft points?

If you think about it, Microsoft could end up losing money because younger gamers & etc. would not be able to purchase the cards anymore. But it's hard to speculate at this moment because Microsoft may end up keeping the points system considering this is only a rumor at the moment.


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    • profile image

      Greg 5 years ago

      Why couldn't you just purchase a gift card in a retail store with cash? Duh.

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 6 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Having the 360 since it came out, this aspect has ALWAYS frustrated me the most. It was always annoying especially when the price on the Playstation network was the cash price, yet we always had to but in increments of 500, and always had to buy in excess of what we intended to buy. I hope they follow through with this especially with "supposedly" so many maps coming out for MW3...