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Microsoft Windows 10 (10.1) honest review and top 10 features

Updated on August 17, 2015


Liquid Design
Liquid Design

Microsoft Windows 10 Review

Microsoft is deemed as one of the most innovative tech companies of the world and its hallmark is user-friendliness. It takes feedback from its customers and tries to solve a key issue which all business faces – a solution to customer’s problem.

The smart strategy of Microsoft this time was to combine the best of previous versions, so we heard some tech geeks shouting:” There is nothing new”. But if you use it for a week or so, you would be charmed. Now I discuss top 10 features of Windows 10.

Best of Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft has incorporated all the best features of Windows 7 and 8. The distractions of touch screen are out and user friendliness of Windows 7 is in.

Start Button is Back

As a student when I was introduced to computers I remember fiddling the most with the Start Button whenever I had a query or I wanted something to be executed. Thank God it is back.

Distractions Removed

The hot corners in the Windows 8 have been removed. I remember one new guy in our company Kalkie losing job due to those hot corners.

New Virtual Assistant

There is a new virtual assistant called Cortana which tries to solve all your problems. Well time will tell whether it solves or not but people in Canada have started searching in Google for Cortana thinking it as some hot girl. But it is useful as it helps us in getting mix of weather and local news. The voice is bit rusty, but it solves your small problems comfortably,

New Browser

There is new browser called Edge which works well but not as good as Chrome.

Google Calendar is Supported

This feature allows it wide acceptability in App lovers.

Smooth Functioning

I was fed up with Windows XP as it rendered my computer very slow, but thank God the sleepiness of XP was removed in later versions.

Easy Switching between menus

In Windows 7 one could switch easily between menus with keyword and mouse, and in Windows 8 through touch screen. Windows 10 combine the best of both version.

Easy integration with Apps

Within last six years people have started loving apps. Windows 10 have lot of Apps and cross functional apps could be easily integrated with it.

Liquid Design

Remember when Java was launched people put various kind of Applets on their website –like flowing river, falling snow flakes etc. I get that kind of feeling when I interact with Windows 10.

Now I would like to say that Windows 7 solved the problems of Windows XP, Similarly Windows 10 will solve the problems of Windows 8.

Windows 10 review video in snippets

Do you like windows 10?

Do you like windows 10?

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Updates on Windows 10 Review

The Windows 10 is very fast. The operating system is robust and you can stream videos, play games and even listen to songs comfortably. But Windows 10 is not good for small computers as it requires the processors to be very fast. This is bad news for AMD processors, because with the launch of Windows 10, the demand for Intel processors will increase.

According to a survey of USA based users, the American computer manufacturers have a upper hand with the Windows 10. The Hewlett Packard Computers and Dell computers (especially laptops) are giving good performance with Windows 10.

Watch this space for more inputs as I get feedback from other users.

Windows 10 Logo

Windows 10 Review -Cortana

Microsoft Windows 10 Review - Animated Voice of Cortana

Do you like Cortana?

I like it to some extent but not to the extent that I become her fan. Her voice is little shaky and it would be better if the virtual assistant was replaced by a living girl.

Do you like Cortana?

Do you like Cortana?

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