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Advantages of MS Microsoft Word 2007

Updated on January 30, 2011

Microsoft Word 2007 is Powerful Word Processor

Undoubtedly, lots of people in the world rely themselves on Microsoft Word for their word processing. This is a fact, despite that development of other word processors has been tremendous and provided us with alternative programs to Microsoft Word.

Reasons for people sticking to Microsoft Word are numerous. To me as a Microsoft Word fun, I found the program to be easy to use, yet at the same time provides me with almost all the things that I would like to use when creating my word documents. As for your information, I have been happened in past to try other word processor, as many friends of mine recommended this to me. But the alternative had failed to attract my attention. It was simply because I did not find the features that I need in this word processor alternative as I do in Microsoft Word. So, I end up uninstall it and decided go back to Microsoft Word.

I am currently using Microsoft Word 2007. I have tried Microsoft Word 2010 in friend machine, and found that the two are basically the same. So, if you are using Microsoft Word 2007, there should be no problem for you when you transfer to Microsoft Word 2010.

When Is Microsoft Word 2007 Best for You?

If you are creating simple word documents consisting probably less than 10 pages only without lots of formatting, you don't have to use Microsoft Word. You can create your documents with any word processor that many available for free. You may even find this free word processor easier and simpler to use than Microsoft Word.

But, what about when you create documents that have many pages? Let's image a 200 pages documents, for example. And lots of formatting and styling? Microsoft Word is the best for this kind of documents. With Microsoft Word, such as Word 2007, there is a feature called Document Map that you can use to easily navigate your lengthy documents. And you can create your document Table of Contents with only a few click because the program will create the Table of Contents instantly. When you master how to use Heading styles and then modifying the styles according to your needs, I guarantee you to find yourself with lots if satisfaction in your word document creation. Heading numbering? Creating List of Table with a few clicks? All available in Microsoft Word (and made more powerful in Word 2007).

The only thing you need to do is to practice the above mentioned features because they are not easily seen from the ribbon in Microsoft Word 2007. Practice makes perfect!


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      dodofone 2 months ago

      you're right. I still use it to any MS systems

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      sasha 2 years ago

      i love u

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      Mahi..Khan 2 years ago

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      htodd 6 years ago from United States

      Hi Almirah,

      This is an interesting post ,Thanks for this tutorial..