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Microsoft Zune Review

Updated on October 14, 2009

Microsoft Zune 120GB


Microsoft Zune 120GB

In everyday life you can expect to hear or talk about the MP3 players on the market.  However, only two are worth mentioning, the Microsoft Zune and the Apple IPod.  Both devices offer an array of features that are cool and fascinating.  I own a Microsoft Zune 120 and absolutely love this device.

My Zune is roughly four inches tall and two inches wide.  It thickness is about ½ an inch and my Zune has a weight of about a pound.  This model of the Microsoft Zune is the largest one they make.  The coolest features are the storage size, the ease of operation, the ease of downloading music onto it.  The things I don’t like about it are the battery life, and the lack of accessories.

My Microsoft Zune 120GB

Super easy interface make the Zune prime choice
Super easy interface make the Zune prime choice

The Good and The Bad


Storage size of the Microsoft Zune

The storage space of the Microsoft Zune 120 is absolutely huge.  I have 877 songs on the Zune and two movie/videos, plus 93 pictures and I have used up 4.5 GB with that.  Do the math and you’ll see that I have 115 GB available.  That is phenomenal for storage.  I fully plan on putting more music and more movies on my Microsoft Zune.  I’ll probably even put more pictures on my Zune.  At this point you may even ask yourself, “Why would I need that much storage on an MP3 player?”  You may not need that much now, but someday you may fill it up.  You could put enough music and movies to keep you occupied for three weeks straight, so long as you have it plugged in.

The Ease of Operation of the Microsoft Zune

When you first lay your prejudiced eyes upon the Microsoft Zune you may think, how do I operate this Zune?  Believe me when I tell you I thought the same thing.  It is not as hard as it looks.  Three simple buttons operate the Zune.  You have a play/pause, directional control for choosing songs and such, and a back button.  The first screen after the Zune loads is where you choose music, videos, pictures, social, radio, marketplace, and settings.  In the music category you can choose, songs, playlists, artist, and etc. In videos you select a video to watch, and pictures gives you a view of all your pictures.  The social and marketplace menus allow you to wirelessly connect to the social network, and purchase songs for .79 cents a piece.  Social is where you can connect with friends nearby and read messages.  You can receive songs from nearby friends in the social.  The radio menu just lets you listen to radio stations. 



The Ease of Downloading Music on the Microsoft Zune

The worst part about owning an Apple IPod is, in my opinion, ITunes.  I hate the fact that if I want to put music on an IPod I also have to put that music onto my computers hard drive.  The Microsoft Zune does not require that.  If you have thousands of songs on an external hard drive (recommended) you can easily transfer files directly.  Before you even plug in your Microsoft Zune, you have to download the Microsoft Zune social marketplace from the internet.  Once this is complete, The Social will ask you what your source hard drive is.  Simply select your hard drive and the file that contains your music.  When you plug in your Zune you have the option to add any or all of the songs in your social.  Furthermore, you can buy a song from The Social at .79 cents per song and subsequently transfer that song to your Zune.  Once your Zune is updated you can unplug it and go about your business.  Uploaded generally take two to three seconds per song.  Initially you’ll be there for awhile uploading songs onto your Zune.  This amount of time all depends on the amount of songs your putting on your Microsoft Zune.


Battery Life on the Microsoft Zune

One of my only complaints about the Microsoft Zune is the battery life.  Granted you can listen to music for a long time with one charge, that is not the issue.  On my way to Iraq for the third time I wanted to watch a video.  So I uploaded “SuperTroopers” two days previously so I could watch it en route.  I watched the movie no problem, but at the end of the movie my battery life was all but gone.  Two hours of movie…great, but now I had to sit and not listen to music the other fourteen hours of the flight.  That was exasperating.

The Lack of Accessories for the Microsoft Zune

The other complaint I have about the Zune is the lack of accessories for it.  Sure you can purchase a bulgy and gay cover for it, but who wants that?  When I first bought the Zune I intended to get all of my accessories at the same time.  Nope, wasn’t happening.  I recently bought an arm sleeve for it, which is cool for running while listening to music.  I have also recently found new accessories for the Microsoft Zune that will soon equal that of the IPod. I found a dock for the Zune and an alarm clock.  You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be getting one of those.  

Microsoft Zune or Apple Ipod

Which MP3 player do you own?

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