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Microsoft is Making a Stripped-Down Windows to Rival Linux

Updated on April 10, 2015

Ever since its dawn Linux has been growing and today, it is much more popular and efficient as an operating system than Microsoft. In contrast to Microsoft, Linux uses “containers” in order to successfully and efficiently run their software, which is now the most popular and desired process to compute in clouds. This is where Microsoft lagged behind but not anymore since Microsoft is now re-designing its operating system to get the lead from the giant online companies like Google and Twitter. Thus, they declared the inclusion of the “container” technology in its upcoming version of Windows, something that was earlier prevalent only in Linux.

This promise is lived up to when today they revealed to the world their latest operating system Windows Server Nano. This super slim version of Windows is not only developed as a new kind of “container” but also has an extra level of security. This new technology as described by Mike Schutz (Microsoft spokesperson) effectively wraps containers in its Hyper-V “virtualization” technology in order to keep them completely isolated from each other.

However, this is not the best part. The real news is that Microsoft will soon introduce a stripped-down operating system, something quite similar to the Linux operating system CoreOs, which is ideal for running containers in a large scale. This type of operating system is more popularly known as the cloud which has the capability of running in as many as thousands of computers and promises a great future for the online companies. This is a great development and calculated step for Microsoft, under its new CEO Satya Nadella where they effectively chose to change with the time and instead of moulding the way in which the world thinks they ultimately moulded their way to suit the thinking of the world.

However, no technological breakthrough can be achieved without controversies and criticisms and Microsoft’s stripped down Windows is no exception. Mark Kropf who works at a San Francisco based company called Pivotal and helps in building large online services claims that Windows is not suited for the job for various reasons. To begin with, Windows is too large an operating system to deploy it across a large number of machines without taking a lot of time. However, the added security offered by Microsoft is something new and worth striving for and is expected to appeal organizations and government agencies with high security requirement.

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