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Midland ER200 Emergency AM FM Digital Weather Radio with Solar Power and Hand Crank

Updated on June 17, 2016

I was tired of flashlights hungry for batteries!

I always find myself in need of a flashlight late at night around the house. The problem was that I had many flashlights around the house that I could use. But when I would try and turn them on most of the time the batteries had died or become drained. A drained battery will usually have me with a dim flash light that makes me usually switch to my cell phone flashlight. This made me realize that the answer to my problem was power. I ended up looking around the stores for a new type of flashlight to use around the house. I remembered that my dad once had a really nice hand cranked flashlight/radio. I ended up going to Wal-Mart and in their electronics isle they had some weather band radios with flashlights on them. So now I am here to tell you all the benifits of jumping in an purchasing one of these Midland flashlight/radios.

The price is worth every penny.

Yes the price can be a bit high at first glance but to me this Midland is very much worth it! I will break down here why I feel this product is a must have for every home. The same way you put in money for insurance to keep you covered in a time of need. This Midland is small, compact and reliable.

For starters this thing is solar powered.

Thats right you get juice from the sun above. This alone solves the batttery problem given that I leave this Midland in a sunny spot till needed. You really can't argue with getting free energy. Depending on how bright the sun is will determine how much power you will get in return. I will say don't expect it to do a full charge in one day just left in the sun. It will probably do like 2 charge cells if anything on the battery meter and the meter has up to 4 charge cells. So thats like around half of the battery charge if left in the sun all day. It will vary since the sun puts out light differently all over the world. So expect a little varied results when charging your midland in the sun.

What's that? This thing has a hand crank too!

I saw that look in your eyes earlier when reading about the solar powered paragraph. Your inner monolog said something like,

" Solar powered is great and all but what if there isn't any sun out? Huh!"

And that is when this paragraph takes away those worries. Thats right this thing has a hand crank. So not only does this thing get powered by the sun but also by your own muscles. With a couple of cranks you can get a few minutes of power doing it this way. Helps in desperate times when you can't find a power source. It is a good feeling when you realize that it's you that is powering this Midland device.

Plug it in to get quick power option.

The third way to get the Midland more power is to just plug it into an outlet. Thats right folks this thing does it all! It can mow your grass, it can paint your fence, it will wash your car!! - Just kidding. But so far it is a solid device as far as the power problem that I've been having. Plugging it in will give you a full charge in a couple of hours. Similar to charging your phone and how long it takes to charge. Sometimes you just need a quick fix for your power problem. Unless your too proud knowing that you have solar power and a hand crack on this thing. Saying," I'm not giving any extra hard earned money to the power company!" As you start to crank furiously to get some power in your Midland.

Using the Midland to power other devices.

Not only can you get power you can also give power to other devices. So I have this Ipad that doesn't even charge using a PC computer directly with a USB. But with the Midland as I write this I have power coming from the Midland to my Ipad. Not only can you charge your Ipad you can also charge your cell phone if needed. I can see this coming in handy on camping trips when you don't have access to a power source.

Play that funky music!

So far I only got this Midland for the flashlight. But this thing also has a radio! This feature is one of the most simple coolest parts of this Midland. The speaker puts out a decent sound. It does get a little distorted if you turn it up too high but it does a good job. I know I got this for a flashlight but I have found we use this thing more often for the radio outside. The radio feels like it doesn't take a lot of power compared to the flashlight I can usually leave the radio on in the sun and it keeps a pretty stready batttery. This is definatly a good work radio that keeps you going when you need some jams out working in the heat.

Weather band radio too!

I mentioned that it has a radio but another one up is that this thing has a weather band radio. I live in Texas and we usually have a couple of tornado alerts in the year. This is very help full when the power goes out and you are hunkered down in a bath tub. So yearh in a time of crisis this this Midland is definatly one to have on your list. Always funny when listenig to this weather band it makes me feel like I'm in a fallout game. Some post apacalyptic game that you have some distance voice talking. I am now being told by my girlfriend next to me that it also goes off in an emergency alerts. Like a smoke alarm would. I have yet to see this feature of it though. But thinking about a feature like that is pretty cool if I may add.

About the Flashlight

The Flashlight gives you 3 different clicks for you to use.

Click one

The first time you press the button you will see that the flashlight is actually pretty decent one. I often find myself using this option to save on energy use for the Midland. I was actually surpised that the low setting on the Midland had as much power as it did.

Click two

The second time you click the button you will see that this Midland has even a higher setting for the flashlight part of it. This actually surpised that it could put out so much light out of it. The only draw back to using this setting is that it will drain your battery a lot faster than if you kept it to the lower light setting.

Click three

The last time you click the flashlight button you will see that it does a strobe option. Another plus with the S.O.S. feature that comes in handy when stuck along side the road.

And no I don't work for Midland

So yes I do not work for Midland. This small device has won my heart over. I really can't complain about the features that this thing puts out. I just want you all to know of the awesome power of the Midland. This device comes in handy in emergancy crises and other times of chillin needing a radio. You really can't go wrong getting one of these for emergencies or house hold use. I plan on getting more of these Midland Radio/Flashlight to keep around the house. So next time your out looking for that next flashlight you might wanna consider one of these.


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