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Transfer Mac Mail to Microsoft Outlook without Expensive Softwares

Updated on January 4, 2015

So I was working in a company with a mixed Operating System of Windows and Mac as it is an advertising company. The Mac are usually used for graphics design and the windows are for everyday operation. However, there are some users who owns MacBook Pro/Air and then decided that they want a windows based laptop later. As soon as that happens, I am faced with the problem on how to transfer their Mac Mail Emails to Microsoft Outlook.

There are certainly a lot of software that can migrate Mac Mail to Microsoft Outlook. However, they costs, a lot. And so this is where this tutorial comes in. It aims to provide an easy way to migrate them without losing any information in the process.

What do we need? Below are the software needed.

* Mac Mail that comes with your MacBook Pro

*MacBook Air

*Microsoft Office

*hMailServer Production Release download in this link -->

hMailServer needs other third-party software depending on what you intend to do with it. However, for this guide, we are going to use hMailServer as is and nothing more.

1. The first thing to do is to remove the valid PoP3 server in your Mac Mail account. Just put anything random in the PoP3 server field. This way you will not be downloading new emails from your official server.

2. Create a PoP3 account in your Microsoft Outlook. Make sure the server fields are not your official email setting. We will configure that later when the migration is done.

3.To install hMailServer, please follow the instructions here --->

Use the default database with your hMailServer.

4. Connect to your hMailServer via the hMailServer Administrator found in Start->All Programs->hMailServer-> hMailServer Administrator

This will open the hMailServer Administrator that you see below. Press "Connect" and it will ask for your password. This is the password that you set during the installation of hMailServer.

5. Create a domain. For this guide we will be using the domain local.local

6. Under your newly created domain local.local, Create an Account. For this we will use username test and password test

There will no more configuration needed once the user is created. We are now finish with the configuration of the hMailServer.

6. Create an IMAP Account in your Mac Mail. To do this refer to the process below. Please keep in Mind that these images are for your reference only.

* Go to Mail -> Preferences. The image below will popup.

Credit for the images

* Click the Accounts Tab beside the General Tab. In the Account Menu, Click the "+" at the lower left to Add an Account. The image below will appear.

For this guide we will be using the following information.

Accout Type : IMAP

Account Description : Test IMAP Account

Full Name : Test IMAP

Email Address : test@local.local

Click "Continue" once you are done.

Incoming Mail Server: IP Address of the computer hMailServer is installed. For example if the IP Address of the computer is, then we put that here.

Username: test@local.local (must be complete for this to work)

Password: test

This usually does not matter since we will not be sending any mails outside of the internet. But configure it for this guide.

Outgoing Mail Server: IP Address of the computer hMailServer is installed.

Tick "Use Authentication"

User Name : test@local.local

Password: test

Another account will be added in the list similar to what you see below.

7. Copy all the emails from your PoP3 account to the newly created IMAP Account. Once finished, Close your Mac Mail and proceed with the migration by creating an IMAP Account in your Microsoft Outlook.

You can now safely delete the IMAP Account in your Mac Mail once all emails has been copied.

Credit for the Images.

Click "File"

Click "Add Account"

Select "Manual Setup or Additional Server type"

Click "Next"

Select "POP3 or IMAP"

Click "Next"

Enter Name : Test

Enter Email Address : test@local.local

Account Type : IMAP

Incoming Mail Server : IP Address where hMailServer is installed. IN this example

Outgoing Mail Server: IP Address where hMailServer is installed. IN this example

User Name : test@local.local

Password : test

Click "More Settings"

In the General Tab Leave it as is. Click Outgoing Server Tab.

Tick "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" and select "Use same settings as my incoming mail server

Click "Next"

Click "Finish"

8. Now a new IMAP Account will Appear on you Microsoft Outlook. Copy all emails that we put in the account earlier with the Mac Mail to your Microsoft Outlook POP3 Account.

9. Once finished, you can now delete the IMAP Account and configure your POP3 Account with the proper information of your official Mail Server.

So there you go. Without using expensive software, we were able to transfer all our mails into one Operating System, in this case for Mac, to another(Windows).


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    • Richard Demalata profile image

      Richard Demalata 4 years ago from Santa Rosa, Laguna

      Comment here for questions. I'll be more than happy to answer them as soon as I see it.