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Milling Machine Attachments and Accessories

Updated on January 8, 2010


The attachment and standard or special auxiliary devices intended to be fastened to or joined with one or more components of the milling for the purpose of augmenting the range, versatility, productivity or accuracy of operation.

The following are the different attachments used on universal milling machine.

  • Dividing head
  • Vertical head
  • Rotary table
  • Slotting attachment
  • Rack milling attachment

Dividing head
Dividing head

Dividing head

Dividing head or indexing head is a special work holding device, which is bolted on the machine table. The work may be mounted on a chuck fitted on the dividing head spindle or may e supported between a live and dead center. The dead center is mounted on a foot stock as in a lathe tail stock that is bolted on the machine table after correctly aligning its spindle axis with the dividing head spindle. The attachment is principally used for dividing the periphery f a work piece in equal number of divisions for machining equally spaced slots, or groves. The worm and worm gear driving mechanism of the attachment can be linked with the table lead screw for cutting equally spaced helical grooves on the periphery of a cylindrical work piece.

Vertical head
Vertical head

Vertical head

The vertical milling attachment can converted a horizontal milling machine into a vertical milling machine by orienting the cutt9ing spindle acids from horizontal to vertical for performing specific operation. The attachments consist of a right angle gearbox, which is attached to the nose of the horizontal milling machine spindle by bolting it on the column face. The speed of the vertical spindle is same as that of the machine spindle. The attachment with the spindle can also be swiveled at any angle other that at right angles to the table for machining angular surfaces.

Rotary table
Rotary table

Rotary table

Rotary table or circular milling attachment is especial work holding device, which is bolted on the top of the machine table. It provides rotary motion to the table. The attachment consists of a circular table having T-Slots mounted on the graduated base. The circular table may be rotated by hand, and in special case by power by linking the rotary table driving mechanism with the machine lead screw

Slotting attachment
Slotting attachment

Slotting attachment

A slotting attachment converts the rotary motion of the spindle into reciprocating motion of the ram by means of an eccentric or crank housed with in the attachment, thus a milling machine can be converted into a slotter by accepting a single point slotted tool at the bottom end of the ram and is conveniently used for cutting internal or external key ways, spines, etc. The attachment is bolted on the face of the column and can also be swiveled at an angle for machining angular surfaces. The length of stroke of the ram can also be adjusted.

Rack milling attachment
Rack milling attachment

Rack milling attachment

A rack milling attachment is bolted to the face of the column and is used for cutting rack teeth on a job mounted on the table. The attachment consisting of a gear train enables the spindle axis to be oriented at rightly angles to the machine spindle. In a horizontal plan. The successive rack teeth are cut by using a rack indexing attachment. The slanted rack teeth or skew rake may be machined when the attachment is mounted on universal milling when the table may be swiveled to the required helix angle

The sole purpose of this hub is to spread knowledge about Milling Machine Attachments and Accessories.

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      Tanveer Rana 

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      actually i'm looking for milling machine accessories... can u give yr email and i will email to u our enquiry ASAP...


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