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Mini Vending Machines

Updated on October 15, 2011

Mini vending machines are good things to have. They make almost every room awesome, and every visitor will always notice it and ask a question about it. Besides being a good conversation starter, they are also very handy and useful things to have. There are many different types of mini vending machines, some are extremely helpful especially when you desire a cold drink, some come in handy if you want a sugary sweet and some are just awesome. Here you'll find all of these types of mini vending machines.

Mini Soda Vending Machines

It is always nice to have a cold beverage in arm's reach, and most mini soda vending machines provide that luxury. They are sort of a mini fridge, but more comfortable. And that comfort doesn't come with an extra price. In fact, they might even be cheaper without compromising quality. So you get a bit extra for your money. Below I have chosen two products from , both of them are mini soda vending machines, both will make your beverages cold. Both of them have pretty much the same technical details, they both keep the beverages 15°C (32°F) below ambient room temperature, both use minimal energy to do that, both are made by the same company and both can hold up to 10 beverages. So, what's the difference? The main difference is the style, the first looks like a retro-looking but still very awesome vending machine, whilst the second looks more like a commercial one. Both are awesome and make a great gift, as a birthday gift as well for Christmas. Every person would be happy to receive it, though this is more of a "guys toy", so if you know a man or a boy who has himself a "man cave" go ahead and gift him one of these, he will be extremely satisfied with it. Although girls can enjoy it as well, as every woman would be happy to have this vending machine, and so would a girl. Overall, mini soda vending machines make the room go alive, they provide luxurious cold beverages and they make a superb gift - what more could a person want from a soda vending machine.

Mini Snack Vending Machines

Who doesn't like to snack time to time, everyone knows the answer, because everyone likes to snack time to time. Therefore a mini snack vending machines even seems somewhat essential - as weird as it might seem. However, it is quite a good think to have, it will make the room you choose to put it in more attractive for visitors. Also if you are not looking to buy it for personal use, you can choose one that you can make money with, gladly you can see one below. The first one is a table top vending machine - it does not require any electricity to work it is all mechanical. It offers a massive capacity for a quite compact design. It has total of 11 trays - so it is a very wide choice for seemingly such a small device. The next vending machine, although used, but still looks very good. In fact it has extremely good value as you can't get such a good vending machine for that low price. So this deal is basically a steal. A product like a mini snack vending machine can make your money back or just be a cool new addition to your already awesome room - or wherever you choose to place it.

Gumball machines

When somebody says you " candy vending machine " or just " vending machine " , what's the first thing you think about, in most cases it is a gumball machine. Gumball machine is probably the most popular vending machine in personal use. So, not to include few of these to my article seems just pointless, therefore I have.

Amazon offers a wide variety of different gumball machines, some are crap, but some are very good. I researched a little and I came out with these results - the four best gumball machines amazon has to offer. All four of them are good and all of them are a bit different from the next one.


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