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Mini Wireless Color Cameras

Updated on December 8, 2010

There are so many reasons to add a mini wireless color camera to your home or business, as financial times become tougher theft increases. A small investment in this wireless technology not only lets you catch the thief on camera, but to let them know they are being watch, and avoid the infraction all together. Nanny cams built into teddy bear tummies are great, but having cameras installed in plain view will typically keep would be thieves honest. Price ranges for these cameras in general run from thirty-four dollars to one hundred and fifty bucks. Suitable units with great clarity will be on the high end of course.

Mini Wireless Color Camera: Home or Office

Creating a network of wireless cameras is very simple with a DVR card for your PC or an external USB connection for PC or Macs that do not have internal card slots. DVR connectors by and large have four connectors and some brands will allow you to daisy chain modules for additional wireless cameras. Four units should be enough to cover the critical areas of an average American home. Since the units will most likely be installed in remote areas away from your home computer, then optional nine volt batteries should be used and check about every five months for replacement.

Since a combination of wireless web cams and an inexpensive PC would only run about six to seven hundred dollars it might be wise to just an independent set up to prevent issues with other family members using the computer. Password protect you proprietary video computer so prying eyes cannot get access to review videos, or worse yet erase damning evidence that has been recorded applying to them.

Try out a few cameras before sticking to one brand; some are a little too grainy looking in the video quality department to suit the average customer, and with good reason. What good is a video replay if you do not have the image quality to recognized someone.

Mini Wireless Color Camera Unit

Mini Wireless Web Cameras
Mini Wireless Web Cameras

Combine With A Wireless Driveway Alarm

Combining the power of the a mini color wireless camera with a wireless driveway alarm will give you a great high tech defensive stance for your home security. Knowing not only that someone is present on your property, but have video of the trespasser or visitor to verify who they are being reacting appropriately. Using the Voice Alert 6 wireless driveway alert system you can add up to six remotes to create a perimeter defense system all the way around your property. Having multiple 203C-500MW wireless cameras mounted near each voice alert sensor will give you not only visual coverage but auditory as well. Both systems are very affordable and for less than a couple of thousand dollars you can feel much safer having this extra level of security to protect your loved ones.


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