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Minimon Masters (Android App Review)

Updated on May 6, 2016


As the hero of this game, you dive into the world of minimon after your sister Lu is kidnapped and become Heaven's Envoy. The Hell King has spread evil magic over the land and yo are the only one who can stop him. Along the way you meet and befriend people and things from your ordinary life that were transformed such as your dog or Lu's stuffed bear.

Game Style

A hack and slash area battle between you and a boss enemy in the level. You select a hero and three minimon partners for your team and rush into battle with them. You can control your hero in battle: tapping to move, swiping to slash, activate three hero skills, and dish out maximum damage with an overrdrive skill obtained from taking damage. Your mimimon each have their own special abilities.

You can set battles to auto. The 'auto play' option has your character run around performing regular attacks and leaves you free to activate skills yourself while the 'auto skill' option takes full control. Auto battles play out at x1.5 the normal speed with the option to purchase a faster speed so that you can collect rewards as fast as possible

If you are determined to push your way through you can choose a friend to help you in the battle and use gold to spend money on other buffs.

Collecting Minimon

Take advantage of a free normal draw that is available every day.

You can earn free minimon though a three card draw at the end of each normal battle. I usually get a monster 1 in every 10 draws. Of course, you can also buy them with points that are not too hard to come by.

In-game friends can give you 2 friend points every day and it costs 30 to summon with these points which allows you to get a monster about every 3rd day.

Gems can be obtained from certain levels of regular battles, from getting all gold startrs on your regular battles gives you gems, during Envoy's Story, and other quests. You can also get summon tickets from Envoy's Story and other quests.

Variety of Monsters

Cute, cuddly, and fierce creatures. They come in defense, attack, and universal types which, as the name suggests, determines the distribution of their skill points. They also have four elements nature, freeze, fire, dark, and light, that are reflected in the coloring of the monsters.

Special mutated evolutions may also occur as you combine and level monsters, which makes for a unique selection.

Your hero is also a type of monster which can be collected and changed.

Card Leveling

By fighting in normal battles your minimon and hero can reach their max level at 30. You can then upgrade them by combining them with unwanted monsters. This gives them +1 and up attributes that go beyond the level.

These can be evolved at level 30 and with +5 upgrades into new monsters or same monsters that are naturally stronger.

Each monster can be upgraded further with equipment, soul stones and evolution stones that increase specific abilities such as attack strength.


There are several play modes available.

Exploring the world lets you level up your monsters and gives you rewards of minimons and equipment plus one-time awards including money, and pink gems.

Envoy's Story: Starting at level 7 you can play through the storyline using scales to advance the plot and win rewards including money, crystals, high-level items, summon tickets, and pages.

Arena: Challenge other players using scales and earn points by winning the battles to unlock prizes.

Tower of Heros: If you are strong enough you can challenge a mob of monsters for prizes.

Raid Festival: A special event to attack other players and earn rewards.

Daily Dungeon: Fight as far as you can through this difficult dungeon for extra prizes.

Minimon Battle: Available at level 25 you can watch your little minions fight.


This game is very cute.

Being able to change the hero character is exciting since there are usually very limited options for the lead character in these types of games.

Who doesn't want little creatures to follow them into battle?


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