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Minnesota Musing: Norton Antivirus - When I Got an Error and Had to Remove and Reinstall

Updated on March 25, 2018

Where Was Norton

I don't always pay attention to my Norton Anti Virus icon, but, there was a message on my screen calling my attention to their fact that I had no protection. I couldn't access my Norton Anti Virus program, and I couldn't run Live Update.

There was some bright red message on the screen, that discussed the fact that I had an 8504 error. When I went to the Norton website, I was confronted by information that my computer had AN ISSUE. Their recommendation was to use the Norton Remove and Install program, which apparently was designed to remove all traces of Norton, but promised to reinstall the program so that it would function.

My control panel showed that I had Norton Security. Then, the program invited me to remove it.

While it was advising me to remove it, it was completing tasks in a separate window.

Wait and Wonder

At this point, it is downloading 188 MB of something. Time will tell, as far as what is really going on.

I had a green check mark for about ten seconds, then the Norton icon got a red x mark.

Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted on my progress. This is really weird.

21 Updates

Twenty-one updates to bring my Norton up to date.

Instead of a red x on my Norton icon, there is a yellow right arrow. The updates are going fairly quickly. As I type this, I'm up to 13 installed. 18, 19, almost complete. I am perched on the edge of my chair waiting to see what is next.


While I'm waiting for that 21st update to complete, I will amuse myself by writing some miscellaneous.

The little subscription notice on my page, claims that I am active and is green. Last time, the page told me it was expired and that my computer was at risk.

Do you suppose that was a Trojan?

I'm Not Patient Enough

I wonder if I should restart my computer.

Yep! Restart Now

Ok. I'm going to restart my computer now and lock in the changes.


I restarted my computer and was greeted by another red x on my Norton icon. This time insisting that I was no longer protected and I had to renew now.

This is suspicious in that I don't have to push any buttons to renew. I just have an auto renewing, get a bill type system. And, as I explain this, I notice that my icon has now turned green.

Wow. How confusing!


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