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Minnesota Musing: Robots and Company Creation - Keeping it Real

Updated on March 22, 2018

Robots Keep the Line Moving

Some critics of the robotic movement will claim that robots are reducing the human job market. They will point out endless data streams proving that the work force is reduced and robots are to blame.

But, in actuality, the robot has actually improved the process. It has reduced the mundane, contributed to the flow and reduced complaints of ergonomic error. Usually, a robot is inserted into a position that previously created many workman's compensation candidates.

Carpal Tunnel Complaints

The reduction of carpal tunnel complaints is noticeable when you infuse your work space with robots that pick and place, open and close, move and squeeze. The work flow becomes a happier, more productive space, since the position that caused the ergonomic issue in the first place, has been replaced by robotics that simply do not require exercise, special trusses for sore muscles and, well, you get the picture.

Don't you?

Wishing Life Away

Since the work area is viewed as a live and die atmosphere, many hours are spent trying to keep up and wishing that it was the day of the week that when a person punches out, there is a three day break, or two day break, known as the weekend.

Yes. There is nothing more heartwarming than arriving at work, and the cheers that greet you are the words, "Happy Thursday to you!".

Yes. Thursday, is a person's Thank God It's Friday" in a person who works a four day workweek during regular, during the day hours. Monday is usually the day of horrors, opening the shop after the weekend shift has been working in our area.

Tuesday, is the day of keeping the process moving. Wednesday is the day of realizing that if we keep going, our reward - you know it, Thursday - will be here before you know it. A word of humor: nobody appreciates someone who says, ooh, only three days until Monday, yayy!

Ah, the dreams of wishing your life away by saying, I wish it was Thursday. You know, 4:05 p.m., sitting in your car, staring at the building, all punched out, ready to go home and sit on a nice warm couch, with a fuzzy blanket.

Doesn't that sound amazing? Smile!

Robots are Amazing

Robots are a welcome addition to my workweek.

A robot will increase the actual amount of work that is at the end flow, which, makes the job less boring and tedious, because at the end where an actual person is inserted, there is a lot to do.

Which, means, that the job that the person gets to do, is a challenge, is not boring and offers a pace that doesn't create mental boredom. Plus, you have the additional comfort that you can shut down a process, clean up the machines, and know that in a few hours, you can come back, start it up again, and achieve high numbers again and feel good about your day. Whichever day it happens to be.

Comparison to Other Aged Improvements

The computer, or keyboard, was a welcome addition to the electric typewriter. The electric typewriter was a welcome change from the manual typewriter. The manual typewriter was a slight improvement over the pen and ink, or pencil.

Before that, there was the voice.

Yes. Before people could communicate with written or typed objects, there was face to face interaction. There was eye contact. There was hand contact. There was exchange from hand to hand.


All these improvements, merely create the need for a spot to get away from it all. A place to relax.

Like a cabin, in the woods, with a slight breeze, some birds chirping. Perhaps a deer munching on some tree buds. A creek dripping past. Some rain storms.

Quiet, calm. Oh, yes. Did I mention zero technology. Yes. No phone. No running water. Burning wood for heat, filling up a bucket a water from the creek. Taking a shower when the clouds produce rain.

A moment without fast pace, or robots.

Ah. Such is life. Yes. Without a robot, who could appreciate time spent without it all?


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