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Minnesota Musing: Trying to Upgrade Computer to Windows 10 from Windows Vista Premium

Updated on November 5, 2017

Creating a Backup

The computer would not let me just pop in the USB stick and upgrade. No. It made me go to my Control Panel and pick the Back Up Files option.

So. I used my Laptop to Google how to do it. So, currently, I am watching my old computer backing up files. I notice there are a lot of files that I don't use anymore being backed up. It's also taking forever, in my mind.

I have been watching it for about an hour and it's about a quarter backed up. Plus, I wanted to save all to a DVD system, but it's saving everything to D. That's not the right place. So. Here I sit, somewhat frustrated.

Backing Up Small Bytes

Computer humor. Backing up small bytes. I crack myself up. It's backing up, then transferring, then copying to D.. Hopefully, it will be okay. Copying files to D.

D, of course, is my Local Disk. Hopefully, my local disk will stay put when I do my upgrade to Windows 10.

People like me, should not be allowed to change their computer systems, but, we do and we have a lot of hope.


Backup Facts

My last successful backup was in 2012. It is 2017, almost 2018 now. Can an unsuccessful backup create mistakes that cause my computer to be sluggish. Perhaps this will help my computer speed.

Or not.

Techno Geek, I am Not

I actually bought a different computer, but the newer computer needed an adapter, since my monitor cable was a male connector.

Funny story. I plugged it in and the install told me that I had to remove it from the spot that I plugged it into. Apparently, the place I bought it from, doesn't use just plain monitors like I have. So, the connection that is needed is a female connector, or a gender switcher.

I think I have some out in the shop. I may have to go find one. I'm not so sure I don't have multiple gender changers. [There was a box on the auction and I think I have a lot of them] Lot of good they do me, if they are in a cabinet somewhere.

Lots of Data to Back Up

As I watch the progress, the pictures are of my granddaughter from four years ago. I have had the computer for six years.

Apparently, doing a backup is important, since Windows 10 will save your files and keep them intact. Correct me, if I'm wrong. Comment below. It is transferring documents, and photos, and, whatnot. Oh, pictures from 2011.

I take a lot of photos, so, I'm sure everything will take a long time.


Cannot back up files.

So now what?

How do I get to the install disk mode from here?

Not Successful

I'm unable to add Windows 10 to my computer at this time.


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