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Micro Four Thirds Format Macro Lens Options

Updated on July 5, 2011

Macro Photography

"Break Time" This macro image by Marleia is available for purchase at
"Break Time" This macro image by Marleia is available for purchase at

Macro Lens Available for the Micro Fourth Thirds Format

If you own a Micro Four Thirds camera from Olympus or Panasonic you no doubt love its compact size but might be wondering about lens selection especially for a macro lens. If you are considering the Micro Four Thirds format you might be worried about lens selection. This Micro Four Thirds format is a newer format and its only embraced by two manufacturers, of course they are big names in the industry, but the result is yes there are few lens in this format. But there are adapters for regular sized lens so in reality there are tons of lens available to this format. Some might even be in your camera case or attached to your old film camera.

The following is a review of all of the macro lens specifically made for the Micro Four Thirds format. Unfortunately there are not very many lens to choose from but on the other hand the available lens are amazing.

Panasonic 45 Macro F2.8 Lens for Micro 4/3

Panasonic has teamed up with renowned lens manufacturer Leica for its Micro Four Thirds Lens. This lens also known as the Leica DG Macro-Elmarit 45mm/F2.8 ASPH/MEGA O.I.S. is equivalent to 90mm on a 35mm film camera due to the closeness of the sensor to lens on the Micro Four Thirds cameras.

The macro lens with built-in image stabilizer lets you take close-ups that capture your subjects in their actual size. This lens is the current king of the very limited 4/3 Macro lens world at the moment. Excellent sharpness with most complaints coming in the speed of autofocus area.

Features of this lens:

  • 45mm focal length; equivalent to 90mm on a 35mm film camera
  • Uses both an aspherical lens and an ED lens comprised of fourteen lenses arranged in ten groups
  • Inner focus motor system makes action smooth and silent when capturing still and video content
  • Minimum focus distance can instantly be changed to 150mm or 500mm
  • Used with Lumix G Micro System Cameras, allows for use of the advanced contrast Auto Focus (AF) system

Sigma 24mm f/1.8 EX DG Aspherical Macro Lens for Olympus and Panasonic Digital SLR Cameras

Sigma has recently started making lens for the Micro Four Thirds market. Sigma has traditionally been a consumer favorite third party lens manufacturer basically playing in the popular zoom market i.e. Soccer Dads. As the prime lens have been most popular so far with the Micro Four Thirds users, Sigma sees an opening in the market by producing zooms. This Macro zoom gives one a less expensive option to the Panasonic Macro.

Macro capability
This lens is capable of Macro photography at minimum focusing down to 7.1 inches (reproduction ratio 1:2.7). It incorporates the floating focus system in order to minimize distortion, spherical aberration and astigmatism, which provide high performance at all shooting distance down to 7.1 inches. Reproduction ratio 1:2.7 and an angle of view of 84.1 degrees allow capturing of high quality images not only a subject but also the surrounding scenery.

Lens features:

  • Large f1.8 aperture wide-angle lens for close-up photography
  • Macro photography at minimum focusing down to 7.1 inches
  • Super multi coating reduces flare and ghosting
  • Aspherical lens complex reduces number of component lenses for a compact size
  • 9 diaphragm blades for beautiful out-of-focus images in the foreground and background

Not just for Macro

Keep in mind when you are thinking about buying a macro lens that it is not just for macro photography.  These macro zooms are also great portrait lens and regular old zoom lens.

Macro On The Cheap

Buying an expensive macro lens for your Micro Four Thirds camera might give you the best overall quality macro images but their are less expensive ways to experiment with macro photography. The simplest way is to use magnifying filters that screw on to your lens. You can pick up a set of these macro filters for under $20. Will they give you the same quality as the expensive macro lens? No but they can produce decent photos and let you try out some macro photography before plunging into the expensive macro lens.

So there you have the limited but excellent choices in Macro lens for the Micro Four Thirds cameras. Watch this space for upcoming macro lens from Olympus.


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