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Mistakes One Should Avoid in SEO Marketing

Updated on February 27, 2015
SEO Mistakes
SEO Mistakes | Source

SEO is the old and reliable technique of directing audiences to the website. But at times in the rush of getting traffic on the site, We start using some wrong method which may give you temporary result, but in the long run can put the site in scoop.

Here are the few techniques which one should avoid while doing SEO marketing

Content duplication

Publishing the content exactly the same or slightly different to other pages on the same or different site is not the right way to rank the website. It may give a short term benefit, but can penalize the website.

Stuffing of keywords

Key word stuffing is the most common mistake which maximum SEO practitioner makes. They perceive doing this will boost the ranking of the site, but the result is completely opposite. So if you really want to rank for a number of keywords, create a separate page for each keyword and optimize for it accordingly.

Do not be crazy for page rank

At times we pay more than required emphasis on page rank. But we forget , Google say’s that PageRank is just one of two hundred indicators used to crawl and rank a website. Instead of wasting too much time on page rank one should focus on analytics, ROI.

Sacrificing design for content

At time bloggers we feel that content is the most important thing to grow the blog, but it's wrong if we are not having good design and presentation we cannot engage the visitors.

Too little content

Writing a small post also affect SEO mainly for blogs. Writing extremely short posts affects reader loyalty and your page could be considered as low quality when it comes to SEO ranking.

Missing ALT tag

Google may not pay much emphasis on ALT tag, but the other search engine such as AOL, Bing and Yahoo do. So the truth is images without ALT tag is just a simple file . So to get better results in SEO always put ALT tag while inserting images.

Links Buying

One may get a good boost by this strategy. But as per google this is not a right technique and can yield to problems in near future. So we will recommend the old and reliable method of comment linking, manually — your blog will still be able to grow, at a steady pace. Over time, the end results will be worthwhile.

How To Leverage Your SEO Marketing

We all do SEO marketing to direct traffic on our website. But just by implementing SEO techniques will not going to give desired results. One should keep updating our SEO skills as well as follow few basic SEO rules to get desired results.

Approach Key words with planning: It’s an old saying “ Good begin is half done”. So for every SEO campaign good begin is doing proper key word research without this any SEO campaign is doomed to failure.For example, if we keyword like “ dog food” it vague, but if we take “ buy raw dog food” its specific and more result oriented.

Strictly follow originality rule: Once should never publish, copied content as it not only create copyright infringement, but it also creates problem content duplication, which can ruin your site’s search rankings.

Optimize loading speed: If a site is having poor loading speed it not only frustrate the visitor but also affects the ranking

Never try to buy links, Earn them: At times in temptation of having more backlinks we buy links which wrong as per the google webmaster guidelines it can give just short term result and in the long run can affect search engine rankings.

Short Url’s: Having proper url are also an important factor in the ranking of websites as it helps spider to find and read it easily. One should use words instead of number, hyphen in place of underscores and should avoid sub domains.

Avoid keyword stuffing: It’s a wrong practice in while doing search engine optimization it will never bring good and long lasting results for you.

On page elements: Proper on page of a website plays an important role in ranking of websites on search engine

Adjust your internal linking and site’s navigation strategically: Both of these factors play good role in boosting the rank of websites on search engine.

Create mobile friendly websites: As we know the number of smartphone users are increasing every minute so one should try to make site responsive websites which helps in bring good ranks on search engines as per the guidelines of google

Interlinking the websites: If you multiple sites, make sure that they’re all linking to each other, whether it’s from the blog roll, footer links or somewhere else.

Make sure that you link from social profiles: While doing SEO marketing one should not avoid them.


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