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Mobile Apps That Are Changing The World

Updated on August 19, 2014

While walking, talking working sleeping we have one thing in common which is mobile phones. Mobile App Development Companies have single-handedly changed and undoubtedly increased the utility of the smart phones.

In this article we will discuss some apps that can help you improve your productivity.

Record Path

Everyone is in rush early in the morning, so while your way to office you can use the My Tracks mobile app to keep a check of the time and route. This app can help you to keep a track of the path, distance and speed.

Moreover, your path can be viewed on Google Maps and the track is also saved in a KML file in your Google Drive and they can be viewed in Google Maps or Google Earth. Using this you can visualise your daily activity. These file can also be shared using the standing sharing options of the Android and can export to Google Spreadsheets.


One of my friend works as a network engineer for a renowned internet service provider and she told me that there are a lot of complaints regarding the data theft. In order to curb this you have a very nice app named as Fing in the market which keeps a check on your Wi-Fi usage. This app gives you the complete list of the devices which are connected to you Wi-Fi network. In order to catch the culprit red handed it shows the MAC address as well as the vendor’s name of the devices.

Furthermore, using this app you also do not need to keep on waiting in the queue of an IVR for a network engineer over the phone. This app helps you to troubleshoot the network problems and figure out the issues that your internet connection is facing.

Additionally, there is a Domain Name Server lookup and reverse lookup which can help to find out any particular issues regarding a website or IP address.

File Wrangler

We all work a lot with files, thus it is very much essential to use a suitable file manager which can provide us a smooth file handling interface. After trying many file managing apps, I have found that File Wrangler is the best among all. It provides a rich interface for the ease of the users.

Using this app you can easily drag and drop files and folders from one pane to other as it has a dual browser. Additionally, it is a highly optimised app which can be used on mobile phones as well as tablets.


Management is a very crucial and in order to increase your productivity you need to be a great manager. Use which is an awesome app that helps you to manage your daily task and to-do list. With the help of this you can set reminders and can schedule a call, text or email.

You can schedule your task in a chronological order and you can add quick notes on it. Furthermore, you can give voice commands to the microphone to perform the desired work.


We are self-obsessed or rather selfie obsessed, thus we always want some great features in our mobile phones camera. Therefore, if you are not happy with the intrinsic features of the camera of your mobile phone, Focal is good option.

In this app the full display is used as a viewfinder, which has a touch to focus option. On its right hand side there is the shutter button, which offers access to various shooting modes. With one single tap on the shutter button you can save an image and to notify that the image has been saved a save icon on the top left of the screen appears.


Hiring an interior designer or a decorator is expensive, but all the android device users can make use of Autodesk’s free HomeStyler app for your abodes beautification. You can use this app to decorate your home virtually before finalizing the design.

Initially, you need to get a picture of your room, you can upload an image from the gallery or you can choose among the existing templates in the app. Furthermore, the app figure outs the corners and you can also re-position the corners and walls of the room in accordance to your actual room size.

For your ease everything is arranged in categories and you get to easily find items for your room. You can also add virtual doors, windows, flooring and dummy human beings to the room.


I know it is very difficult to catch-up the pace of you lecturer at times. No need to worry, you can easily do so now by using this awesome voice recording and note taking app named as Cogi. You can record the conversations in the meetings, tuition or class room sessions.

Moreover, Cogi is not merely a just another voice recording app. As it does not merely starts recording an audio, wherein it only records the highlights of the session. So, Cogi app opens up in listening mode not in the recording mode.


Seems like an Android will make people psychic. This new app named as Schematic Mind can make you one. This app is a mind mapping software which will surely leave you in the awe.In the main window of the app you will get a list of mind maps along with a guide. This will guide you to get acquainted with the features. So now the question arises is how to use the app?

In order to get started you need to just enter a central topic and it will appear on a white background inside a circle. Furthermore, these shapes and styles are customizable. And to add a subtopic to a currently selected node you just need to tap anywhere on the empty background. You can also add icons for improving the visualisation.

News 360

To get information on any new event happening around, you need to go to different websites to do so. But now you do not have to waste time in doing so, as News 360 will fetch you the cover story, videos and pictures related to the current affairs form different websites. Thus, providing you a 360° view.

All you need to do is to choose topics of your interest from a pre-mentioned list. Additionally, you can search for topics and add to the newsfeed.


There are various note taking apps available for Android OS, but Googles official note taking app named as Keep is the best to my belief. It has a beautiful user interface and feature.

Moreover, this app integrates you with your Google account and also sync notes across mobile, tablet and desktop computer via a Chrome extension. This app helps you to easily write notes, create task list, and click pictures notes and voice notes.

Mobile App Development Companies are moving so fast and are developing apps that are making such things possible which were undreamed-of. These apps are indeed making our work easier and are helping us to use the technological advancement aptly and in the right direction. They have evolved and have broadened the definition of smart phones which was stagnated merely to communicate. You can also come up with incredible app ideas and we will gladly help you to craft it using our expertise. Stay tuned!!


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      Dinesh 3 years ago from India

      Thank you Sticky!!

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      Sticky 3 years ago

      Holy shtnizi, this is so cool thank you.

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      Dinesh 3 years ago from India

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      lifeswirl 3 years ago from United States

      Very useful hub! Will try to download Focal and Keep. Sharing this. :)