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Mobile Apps Winning the World!

Updated on January 23, 2016

Mobile Application development has grown by leaps and bound in the past few years. As the consumption of Mobiles increases with every passing day, the need for mobile apps is also soaring high. See, earlier, when people understood that a mobile phone is a phone, they did not have too many expectations from it, apart from being able to make call and send text messages.

However, with the advent of Smartphones, the population started becoming increasingly aware of all that they accomplish from a little handset. The growing competition between the top mobile development companies let to the infiltration of better and better technology, each wanting to offer something more, in order to increase their sales. In the midst of this competition, the customer was in a win-win situation. And so more and more customers bought more and more Smartphones that led to more and more technological advancements, and the circle continued.


And the Apps were born

The birth of Mobile application development wasn’t really an overnight thing. Since people had a taste of the wide range of things that they could undertake with mobile phones, they started putting it to use in different ways. Mobile application development companies, or simply erstwhile web application development companies, understood the hunger of the customers towards “ease”.

This is why; they came up a number of application or simply mobile “softwares” that could facilitate the Smartphone user to carry out various tasks. Despite what initially began only for emailing and gaming, underwent a massive overhaul with a plethora of “types” of applications catering to various spheres of life.

Demand and Supply

Like I mentioned earlier there were a number of apps that started being developed to cater to various spheres of life. What’s funny is usually the cycle of demand and supply originates with demand and terminates with supply. However, mobile Apps development is such a field where in the entire chain of events is slightly reversed. They make the product, and then upon realizing what all the product can do, the demand increases.

Some really qualified application developers have stated that according to companies providing mobile app development services believe that unless they have something to offer, how the people will know what they are missing out on! I would have called it a strange notion, yet we all know how successful this strategy has been.

Application Brothers and Sisters (the types)

The various application siblings are:

  • Business: These apps are used to streamline business processes. They assist in sharing information, uploading/downloading documents, accessing database remotely and passing on memorandums and maintaining inventory. These are of course only examples and there are many more things that business apps assist people with.
  • Entertainment: These apps enhance or make use of your inbuilt audio/ video systems. There are Photo editing apps and music mixing ones too. You can save the space on your phone by using some of the music streaming apps that don’t require you to save the music on your phone for later use.
  • Gaming: By far the undisputed popularity kings are the gaming apps. There are thousands of gaming apps available. All these apps are custom made for specific target audiences. Gaming apps are also used by business owners to market their products or to increase their brand awareness.
  • Utility: Utility apps are those that solve some purpose. Flashlights, battery savers, auto lock, and barcode reader are some of the utility based applications that use the in-built features of your phone to provide utility.
  • Social Network: Social networking through Smartphones is a trend these days. People like to stay connected all the time even on the go. That’s why social networking apps have gained so much popularity.


Mobile Application development has created new avenues in the market in terms of career, marketing on utility. This is a field which ensures that whether you are a customer, or a business or even a developer, you are always benefitted.


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