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Mobile Gadgets: Cup Holder Power Adapter Adds 12V and USB Power in Your Car

Updated on March 19, 2011

Has there ever been a car cup holder that actually held a cup well? I know people that shop for a car and make their final decision on how great the cup holders are. You would think that an experience automobile designer would know that much about their potential customers. You are right, I am ranting. But, don’t despair to soon. I am also bringing you a solution to the problem.

I have found a very useful gadget that may make that poorly designed area of a car a truly useful area. Just as in a home – every square inch should be useful and the space in a car is evenly more valuable when you can use it for more than one purpose. Back to the cup holder – what would you think about turning yours into a power source? I know what you are thinking – why not just plug an adapter into the “cigarette lighter” (other words for a 12V outlet). I think you will agree that a Cup Holder Power Outlet is a better option.

Wagan Twin USB/DC Cup Holder Adapter
Wagan Twin USB/DC Cup Holder Adapter

What if someone in the back seat needs to plug in a laptop or cell phone? Electrical cords on many Cup Holder Power Outlets measure up to 3 feet. It would be a benefit to only extend the available outlet – but it is better when you multiply the outlets from one to maybe two or three. Add to that a couple of USB ports and you are talking about something that can really make a difference to a gadget head that likes to travel.


Some people say that I get excited over the little things. That is true. Give me a simple gadget that really works and I am all over it. I have two or three 12V power outlet expanders but none that can be as versatile as a Cup Holder Power Outlet. Notice in the video that he is talking about a multiple 12V adapter and it will be very similar to a Cup Holder Power Outlet except with more versatility.


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      neullyinfild 4 years ago

      Best of the Best!



    • profile image

      Nokia 5800 Themes 7 years ago

      Nice and really useful gadget!!

      I like it :-)