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Mobile Gadgets: Kensington FX300 Speaker To Go Versatile MP3 Accessory

Updated on March 19, 2011

I have to believe that people other than myself find earplugs irritating. In addition I may be a bit overly-protective of my electronic gadgets - dreading the initial scratch or ding. However, enjoying the device is not an option so finding the right protective case is important. Scratches and dings bother me so even thought I typically reject cases - there are some that fit several of my needs at once. 

Sure there are hundreds of cases out there to fit most any gadget but how many of them do dual duty? Leave it to Kensington to come up with a case that not only houses your gadget but also provides it an external speaker?

Not only that but the controls for the speaker are on the outside of the case so no more fumbling when you need to shut the music down.

It is long lasting – the 2 AAA batteries should get you through about 10 hours of playtime. Without a visible reminder that the speaker is turned on you may need to train yourself to check it whenever you put it away after use.


FX 300 Speakers to Go is Compatible with some iPods and other MP3 Players


Compatibility with multiple MP3 players including a collection of iPod models helps to make the Kensington 33399 FX 300 Speakers To Go a good choice for anyone constantly on the move. There is enough space inside to house the MP3 player as well earbuds, keys, credit card or cash.

There is a carabineer clip (the style of clips that mountain climbers use) that attaches the FX Speakers To Go onto a belt loop, a purse or backpack. I love these clips because they are large enough to actually clip things to handles and belt loops. (There is one clipped to my purse at all times to keep my keys in easy reach)

I can see this gadget being useful for workouts that turn into errands. I run past the local Wal-Mart daily during my jog and every once in a while I stop in for a quick purchase. It is wise to keep a little spending money and a credit card handy and this little gadget really fits the bill.



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