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Mobile VoIP Revolution in the US?

Updated on November 1, 2011

VoIP Reaching a Tipping Point?

For observers of the VoIP industry, there are a few signs which seem to indicate that VoIP services are reaching a critical mass in the cellphone industry. We have the first integration between a carrier and an Internet phone service such as Google Voice with Sprint. We're also seeing T-Mobile openly advertise its VoIP capabilities on its website by allowing users to make calls through their wifi networks if they choose. A far cry from the days when VoIP itself was something of a "rogue" application on cell phones.

Furthermore, demands from public tech luminaries are rising that better choices be provided to customers with even Techcrunch pitching in with its recommendations for Google Voice to allow "pure" IP to IP calls. Now however, an entity called "Republic wireless" is aiming to tie up with Sprint to shake up the mobile market and completely revolutionize the way we view telephone networks.

So far, details are scant and the great unveiling is slated for the 7th of November 2011 but we have some important details already. At the heart of the offering is the ability of phones to seamlessly switch between wifi networks and the PSTN networks in the middle of a call! This can't be provided by a mere application - it requires the cooperation of a carrier and this is where Sprint comes in.

VoIP with wifi
VoIP with wifi

VoIP is now a companion to mobile?

Most of us live within worlds of wifi. Almost all of us have wireless routers sitting at our homes and our offices give us free wifi access too. With all this Internet access, it's a shame that we still rely on the old telephone network no matter where we are. Internet is free. Traditional phone service is not. So why then do we not use a free service when it's available to us?

The reason is that so far no one has come up with an easy "all in one" solution which is easy to configure. And this is what Republic Wireless is aiming to do. When we allow cell phones to switch networks in the middle of a call, we've then reached the perfect balance. But we also need to conserve battery and make sure that the wireless radio is turned off when we're withing a wifi zone. Doing all this at once isn't easy but it's about time that someone came up with a solution.

A business however, requires a more dedicated service with strict QoS requirements and for this, hosted PBX VoIP Servers are ideal. There are plenty of SIP provider VoIP reviews which you can read up on to figure out which is the best for your business.


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