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Mobile VoIP on a SIM Card for Cheap International Calls

Updated on April 11, 2013
Saving Money with VoIP
Saving Money with VoIP | Source

Benefits of Business VoIP

By now everyone knows that you can save money on international calls by talking over the Internet. For the retail customer, there are many solutions such as using Skype or some other program you install on your PC or smartphone. A business however has different requirements and a comprehensive solution is needed so that they can continue their workflow uninterrupted while at the same time availing themselves of the cost savings of Internet calling.

Mobile VoIP has exploded in popularity in the past few years with the advent of smartphones spearheaded by the iPhone. Since then, there are literally hundreds of apps on both the iOS and the Android marketplace that connect you to an SIP provider and allow you to make and receive phone calls using a regular telephone number.

In today's globalized economy, most companies have some kind of stakeholder presence overseas. Whether it be employees or entire offices, partners, or customers. Constant communication between these entities is vital for smooth operations. For this reason, conference calls between various parties need to be held periodically to clarify misunderstandings, plan, strategize, and monitor the progress of various projects. We needn't mention that using the traditional PSTN phone system for this purpose would be prohibitively expensive and would rack up bills amounting to several thousands of dollars.

With VoIP however, this cost can be avoided entirely if everyone is on board using the same business hosted PBX solution. For those who are outside the system and need to connect to the conference call using a telephone number, VoIP allows these international calls to be completed at extraordinarily low rates – several times lower than those incurred by the regular phone system.

It may seem that the cost savings alone would be a sufficient motivation for a company to embrace VoIP. However, there are many other features that an organization can make use of in order to improve its efficiency and increase productivity. SIP forking, call waiting, IVR options, programming business hours, and HD voice are just a few examples of the benefits VoIP has to offer.

There are many local San Francisco VoIP PBX providers offering competitive rates and vying for features. A local PBX service will help reduce latency and lag times thereby further improving the VoIP calling experience. Your IT department should work closely with them to ensure that the best settings and configurations are applied in order to minimize any technical issues.


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