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Chrome for iOS begins Mobile web browser war

Updated on July 2, 2012

History of desktop browsers

Almost 5-7 years ago Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox were only two major desktop browsers. Internet Explorer had the advantage of being packed into Windows by default. While Firefox was popular in geeks. Internet Explorer was ruling the browser market at that time. A new version was launched after almost 2 years and that version don't have revolutionary changes.

It all changed in 2008 with launch of Google chrome. It have great features like simple design and blazing fast speed. It was not just fast in benchmarks but in real world too. Google adopted early release cycle for it, new version was launched every 6 weeks. So Chrome started gaining popularity. Now Chrome overtook IE and became the new king in PC Browsers.

Mobile Browsers

Early Smartphone browsers were slow and almost unusable with desktop websites. Symbian and older windows mobiles had only the option of Opera as alternative. These days Android and iOS are ruling smartphone market and a browser war had just started in mobile market too.

Chrome For Android: Chrome for Android was launched last year as beta. It was designed for faster browsing and minimal user interface in mind. Now it had graduated to stable version. Chrome will be the default browser for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and later. Chrome for Android support most of HTML5 and CSS3 content.

Dolphin webkit based browser: Dolphin Browser HD was most popular browser for Android. It was based on stock Android browser with additional features like gestures and easy tab management. But now Dolphin team have released an independent webkit based browser which is in beta stage. Dolphin claimed that it is 10 times faster than previous Dolphin browser, which is huge. It also secured 450 HTML5 points out of 500 (tested on 450 points had not been touched even by any PC browser till now. So Dolphin team is ready to challenge Chrome on Android.

Chrome for iOS : Google Announced Chrome for iOS platform during Google I/O 2012 event. It became top application in app store soon after its launch. It is based on stock browser but it have great features. Its GUI is similar to Chrome for Android.

Mozilla Firefox: Firefox didn't got any love from smartphone users with initial launch. Mozilla launched all new Firefox 14 with polished GUI, Faster page loading and with more security. It may not be as good as Chrome or Dolphin but after some more updates it may able to catch up with both.Mozilla is also planning its own mobile OS Boot to Gecko, which is based on Gecko which is also used in Firefox as layout engine. Firefox will surely be the default browser for it.

Opera(multi-platform): Mozilla is in Mobile browser market for quite some time. It is from the time when Symbian was most popular mobile OS. Opera have two browsers Opera Mini and Opera browser.

Opera Mini is server rendered Browser. It compresses upto 90% of data to save bandwidth and faster loading. It is hard to use it for dynamic websites.

Opera Browser is full HTML browser and have great page loading speed. Opera Turbo can be used to enable compression.

Final Words

It is just the beginning of mobile browsers, expect some serious features in near future. Till now only stock browsers are used commonly but it will change soon.It is good for us, users who will get most from it.


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    • Mittalmailbox profile image

      Amit Mittal 5 years ago from Patiala, India

      Personally i don't like UC browser. It have a bad User Interface and makes the websites look ugly. Its personal choice btw.

    • rajeelkp profile image

      rajeelkp 5 years ago from india

      I think UC browser is the best. It could reduce the bandwidth easily and deliver contents faster !