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Mobile website compared to desktop

Updated on May 1, 2013

The computer software cloud

New software for photos on desktop computers
New software for photos on desktop computers

The mobile apps revolution

Is the limited viewing pleasure of mobile phones leading people to buy a computer with software instead?

Some of the supporting information from consumer reviews stated that apparently 80% of the public voted against banners stating that they do not work. When did this vote take place and why wasn’t the public informed? Consumer reviews show that over 60% of websites get viewed through mobile phones instead of desktop computers.

What do mobile phones lack when viewing a website?

First, many of the features that websites have including links, banners, and even photos are not seen in the mobile apps version of the website. Instead; what is being shown is a menu side bar with the logo of the company in a mobile app version of a website. This only leads people back to the cell phone rather than back to their website because the mobile apps entice consumers to call the customer rather than order online. After all the advertising for photos using a mobile phone and yet the mobile apps version of a website actually limits the storage of photos. In other consumer reviews about the mobile versions of websites for some of the largest companies putting ,"" in front of that site address actually makes well known popular websites appear blank looking with only text and a photo. All the little extras that website have are completely gone including some of the software.

Desktop Computers Versus Mobile Website Viewing

for consumer reviews find more information in the computer buying guide for the latest in software technology
for consumer reviews find more information in the computer buying guide for the latest in software technology

New computers get reviewed and the complaint about notebook versions of computers.

The world’s one search engine recently came out with notebook computer and it is costly at around $1,000. Many computer consumer reports are stating that a search engine is not a computer. The notepad computers made by the world’s top search engine do provide people with several apps and downloads similar to a computer. The bad side is that wireless notebooks have connectivity issues along with storage issues. What the result of the consumer tests stated that the notebooks do not connect accurately to the worldwide Internet. However, our reviews show that there are all kinds of new computers with software similar to the best features of cell phones. More storage seems to be the way to go for choosing a desktop computer with software designed for storing photos. So; in summary the same thing that is making mobile phones popular is the reason that new computers must have more space for storing photos. Photography seems to be the main theme for new computers because they take up a lot of space. Finally; we also found that new gaming computers have been developed that make the computer gaming experience faster and more graphic. This is also due to the fact that computer video game downloads take up a lot storage space just like photos do whether it be on a mobile phone or a computer. Altogether, consumers get to see more when viewing a website from a desktop computer compared to a mobile phone that limits the viewing of a website.

Poll Mobile versus Desktop Computers

Are you aware of the differences when viewing a website from a mobile phone?

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