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Modern Computer Usage for a Typical Hacker

Updated on November 8, 2015

Computers are Indispensable

Today was a prime example of just how indispensable computers’ unique capabilities are to my life, as well as many people’s daily regimens. Most everyone can type, cut, paste, and send emails. But there is far more advanced help available from the flattened robots. And I haven’t even quite figured out how to compile an Excel spreadsheet!

Unforeseen Circumstances

Due to unforeseen circumstances that irrefutably made their presence intrusive, I only got a few hours of sleep in my bachelor’s pad the night before. At this junction, there is hopefully no need to elaborate further. Plus, someone hacked into my computer, to boot, effectively destroying the sound equilibrium of my Making Amends song by Jacque D'Artichoke

Unusual Ways I Used my Computer

First, operating on mere fumes, for most of the day, I re-wrote the song on my computer using amazing Apple software. A Midi-controller and a “ginormous,” metallic Blue snowball orb of a microphone plugged into the USB ports of my Mac for added creativity.

Next, utilizing’s online LANDR digital mastering, I heard, watched, and waited brief moments while the service digitally remastered the five songs from my upcoming iTunes E.P., Saturn’s Ring
by Author/Digital Musician/Hopeful Romantic/ Semi-Professional Tennis Aficionado, Jacque D’Artichoke, J.D.. The song collection now sounds crisper and cleaner since it has been placed within the digital mastering’s computerized blueprint. (Nonetheless, I probably am not the best judge of sound crispiness since my personal, internal speakers have heard a bit too hearty Led Zeppelin in my day.)

Thirdly, I electronically copyrighted Saturn’s Ring online with a United States registered copyright to protect my work (especially if it becomes hacked again). Whenever I copyright books or music with the United States Library of Congress, undergoing the process makes me feel proud to be an American citizen. Ingenuity and hard work, as well as prospective entrepreneurship, are key components of our country’s historical, world prominence.

Finally, I scoped online my remaining balance in the bank and realized that my expenditures for the day with the innovative computer applications rid $105 of the $150 I just deposited for providing recent tennis trainings. Expenses “drink” resources like standardized fossil follies in unleaded gasoline tanks. Where is my affordably-priced TESLA, anyway?!


I was so tired after all of this computing that I heavily lathered my armpits with spray-on sunscreen instead of deodorant. Even though I now will probably not get sunburned underarms, I pressed out a hard day’s work using readily accessible, high-level, computer technology.

Computers More Useful Than Text Docs


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